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Pillsy Won’t Let You Forget a Pill Ever Again


We all take a lot of medicines for several reasons. We also forget to take those medicines for several reasons. But Pillsy makes it easy to take control of your schedule, and your health. Pillsy can automatically tracks doses. It can send you intelligent reminders when you forget to take a pill.

People Often Forget to Take Their Medications.

According to a 2015 study, 60% of Americans take a prescription drugs. Most of those 60% either forget or skip a dose. While according to a 2011 study, nearly 75 percent of adults are inconsistent in one or more ways. Like not filling a new prescription or taking less than the dose recommended by the doctor. Remembering to take critical medications can be difficult. This can be even more difficult especially when they’re new to your routine or temporary.

Pillsy is Not Like The Other Companies.

The trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is a favorite target for startups. Pillsy is one of those many companies trying to help consumers manage all the drugs they take. Pillsy is unlike some of the more complex pill-management systems like PillDrill and Hero. Pillsy has just two pieces. It comes with a smart cap that can fit on any standard pill vial or bottle and an app. That’s it!

Make Staying Healthy Easier.

Pillsy makes use of modern design, technology and a smooth user experience. Pillsy helps you in remembering and tracking your vitamins and medication. Jeff LeBrun, Chuks Onwuneme, and Otto Sipe founded Pillsy in 2015. The aim was to make it easier for people to stay healthy while making the pill-taking process easier. Pillsy connects to your phone using Bluetooth 4.0. It senses when the bottle is opened and closed. This information is synced to your phone. It provides intelligent reminders. It can do that both via the bottle and your smartphone when you forget a dose.

The App is For Both iOS and Android.

Setup with the iOS App is easy. There’s an Android version, too. The cap and app pair the moment you unscrew the cap, as long as your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. After registering, there are just a few steps to find the medicine. Set a time to take them and let It notify you via a special beep from the cap and notifications on your phone.

Key Features Include:

  1. Intelligent Reminders: Receive reminders when you forget a dose. You can choose from lockscreen notifications, text messages and phone calls.
  2. Double Dose Alerts: Many a times we don’t remember if we took a pill. But It will warn if you have already taken a dose.
  3. Smart Snoozing: If you are away from your pills when you get a reminder, you can hit Snooze. It will remind you when you come in range.
  4. Automatic Tracking: When you open the bottle, Pillsy automatically keeps track. It then marks the dose as taken, with no need to open the app.
  5. View Your History: Open the Pillsy app at any time to easily view your history.
  6. Care for Loved Ones: This feature of Pillsy gives notifications when a loved one misses doses.

Coming This Summer.

Pillsy is the first smart pill bottle and mobile app that helps users take control of their health and the health of others. It has launched and is now available for purchase online. The first round of products are expected to ship in early summer 2017.