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Philips Luminous Carpet – Walk light; Walk smart

Philips Luminous Carpet

Partnering with Desso (a global leader in designing and manufacturing carperts), Philips has achieved an entirely new milestone in integrating energy-efficient LEDs into all surfaces including floors now. Together, they have developed a light-emitting luminous carpet with programmable LEDs creating a highly effective medium which is a completely different way of interacting with indoor environments. Hence, the Philips Luminous Carpet guides people around buildings, enhances the ambiance and essentially de-clutters spaces by making information visible only when required.

This LED technology is expected to rapidly replace existing signage enabling floors and communicate directly to our instinct of seeking light and proclivity to interact with reactive floors.

Illuminating features of Luminous Carpet

  • Light transmitting carpet

Although it’s just like a normal carpet, the Philips Luminous Carpet has its fascinating features. It has a LED arrays built into the underside which uniquely makes its way to the top of the carpet displaying dynamic and flexible content on the surface. It’s amazing how it can be used to exhibit texts and videos for the purpose of signage, point out safety exists and provide directional information to visitors as well as enrich the ambiance of offices, hotels, conference halls and other public places.

Not only does Philips help prepare the location, but also designs and installs the system according to the floor type. The tile standards are attuned with dimensional stability and flatness to ensure a perfect fit all-over effect throughout the lifetime of the luminous carpet. They are pretty easy to install and comes with three options for installation. Over the duration of the installation, a service agreement can also be worked out as well as training given to on-the-job employees.

  • Easy maintenance and replacement

It’s worked out this way – The carpet tiles are installed above the LEDs which are built into enclosed units. This keeps it flush with the non-LED floor area allowing designers the flexibility to maintain and replace the carpet effortlessly. (It is said that the LED units will last for at least 20 years!) Moreover, the technology is such that the visuals cannot be obstructed by people walking between the light source and the display surface. This design gives the carpet strength, and even essential processes such as cleaning and spillages do not cause overheating. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Easy message creating

The Philips Luminous Carpet is intricately and intelligently designed to interface with almost all building management systems be it Art-Net or KiNet, which makes controlling the system extremely easy and hassle-free. In fact, the message can run as a pre-programmed text or can be changed instantly with a wide variety of mobile and networked devices.

  • Multiple selection options

Even though, as of now there are only four carpet textures to choose from (Stratos, Pure, Scape and Flow), there are fourteen neutral, contemporary shades of colors available ranging from the whites and creams to the mochas and greys. Additional textures and shade options are in development.

  • A whole new world of exciting possibilities

Philips and Desso together have patented this unique solution with the use of super thin LED panels and light which they hope will give interior decorators a new concept of designing interiors by creating a fully immersive experience to all who walk into that space.