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The Papr Watch Looks and Feels Like a Wristband Made of Paper

Papr Watch

PaprCuts is a self-financed start-up from Berlin. They aim to work regionally so the whole production process is carried out in Germany. After months of planning and prototyping, PaprCuts is releasing their new product which is a watch. It is called the Papr Watch.


We are all fond of wearing a trendy and good looking wrist watch but most of us have a problem with how heavy the watch is. But PaprCuts is here to solve that problem. If you are searching for a super lightweight wristwatch with a design of your choice, Papr Watch is the one for you.

Design and Material.

The Papr Watch looks and feels like paper but is actually extremely durable and so won’t tear within seconds of you wrapping it around your wrist. Because that would make it really rather useless. The Papr Watch is made up of the genius material called Tyvek. It is a strong spun bonded olefin sheet product that’s much tougher than paper. It was developed many years ago by DuPont. You have probably already worn a Tyvek band around your wrist at some point. Maybe at a festival or some such event.

Made up of Tyvek.

Tyvek material really feels like paper. Tyvek is light as a feather. But it is also totally torn and waterproof. This kind of material is ideal for sports, parties, and traveling. You can take it everywhere and anytime. Tyvek is a strong and durable material. It can easily withstand the most grueling conditions. Tyvek is virtually indestructible.

Equally important is Tyvek’s water resistance. The Papr Watch won’t get soggy and drop off your wrist if you are caught in the rain. You can even wear the device in the shower.

Battery Life.

The digital watch face of Papr Watch easily rests under the paper. It is in the usual place but is clearly visible. The strap clicks firmly shut using magnets. Don’t worry about having to charge it every day. The Papr Watch uses a battery that will run for up to two years before it needs changing.

A large number of designs for Papr Watch are available. That includes:

  1. Retro: Airmail, Black, Neon Orange, and Game Boy.
  2. Geometric: Small Triangles (Green/Blue), Triangles (Blue/Green), Hexagon (Grey/Green), Geometric (Turquoise), Star Neon (Orange/Grey), Triangles (Colorful), 3D Neon (Orange/Grey), Semicircles (Orange/Red).
  3. Black and White: ZigZag (Black/White), Semicircles (Black/White), Triangles (Black/White), 3D (Black/White), and No Racism.
  4. Maritime: Whale, Anchor, Sailor Peps, and Surf.
  5. Animals: Colibri, Flamingo, Laser Cats, and Goldfish.
  6. Elemental: Adventure, Wanderlust, and Freedom.
  7. Fancy Dark: Grunge, Just Black, Golden Marble, Space Ape, Camo, and Grizzly.
  8. Tropical: Parrot, Tucano, and Paradise.

Expected to ship in August.

The Papr Watch campaign was fully funded in less than 80 hours, watch is still available to preorder with pledges starting from just €30 and The shipping is expected to take place during August 2017.