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Oppo R9s – Oppo goes a Step Ahead with its New Flagship Smartphone

Oppo R9s

We’ve seen some really impressive phones by Oppo in the past. The Oppo F1s was one of the best-value phones of 2016. The latest, the Oppo R9s, is now launching outside China for the first time and represents another step forward, albeit a subtle one.

Thin, Aluminium Construction

The R9s looks very much like the F1s and F1 Plus we’ve seen most recently from Oppo. There is a design language and it has been used throughout 2016. While it’s thin, solid and wraps the big screen with a slim bezel, the tapered sides give the R9s a spiky feel. The aluminum construction stops it from feeling cheap. But there’s still no getting from those slightly uncomfortable edges.

Color OS3.0

The R9s is powered by the new version of Oppo’s own ColorOS 3.0, which is itself based on Google’s 2015 operating system, Android 6.0. Coming to this from a pure Android experience (in Google’s own Pixel XL), Oppo’s take on Android lacks the polish that comes with Google’s deft touches, and there are some downright confusing interface choices.

Exceptional Camera Quality

Oppo R9s

At the center of the R9s’ rear camera is the all-new Sony IMX398 sensor. It’s a customized 1/2.8 inch sensor that Sony developed exclusively for OPPO. The R9s’ rear camera offers phenomenal focusing speed, noise reduction, and low-light performance thanks to the sensor. It allows users to snap breathtakingly clear and beautiful images.

Dual PDAF Focusing Technology

The R9s’ camera uses Dual PDAF (phase detection autofocus) technology. Dual PDAF is a  next-generation upgrade to standard PDAF solutions. Dual PDAF doubles the area of the sensor’s pixel array and it is provided with the special photodiodes necessary for phase-detection autofocus, making for 40% faster focus speeds even in low light and producing crystal clear images. The R9s has an extra-wide F1.7 aperture, which captures 60% more light than the earlier generations.

Beautify 4.0

The camera will automatically initiate HDR (high dynamic range) mode in low-light conditions in order to ensure you get bright and beautiful selfies whether it’s daytime or night. With Beautify 4.0, you can beautiful, natural-looking shots for all the right reasons.

Flash Charge

The R9s comes with a 3,010 mAh battery backed with OPPO’s industry-leading VOOC Flash Charge. It also uses cutting-edge power-saving optimizations. It intelligently manages a user’s favorite applications to make sure the application is ready when it’s needed. It makes sure that the application is not eating power unnecessarily.

R9s with 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM

OPPO R9s runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor. It has 4 GB RAM and upgraded ColorOS 3.0. With its 64 GB of onboard storage, expandable by an additional 256 GB, you will have plenty of room for the beautiful pictures you take.

Six String Antenna Lines

OPPO designers have created a thin and stylish new antenna line design. The thick white bands that traverse the backs of most phones have been replaced with two sets of three ultra-fine lines, each measuring only 0.3 mm. The R9s is equipped to operate on six frequency ranges, dynamically choosing the best one for both 4G and Wi-Fi signals, no matter what hand position you choose.

Touch Access

The R9s uses an advanced solid-state fingerprint reader. Only a slight touch is enough to unlock the device. It is equipped with a hydrophobic membrane that uses the same principle as a water-resistant lotus leaf. The fingerprint reader has an enhanced success rate even when a user’s fingers are moist.

The Bottom Line

This follow-up to the Oppo R9 has got killer battery life. The front and rear 16-megapixel cameras are serious business and you can pick up the R9s for a fraction of flagship prices.