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Opera Coast will enhance your mobile browsing experience

Coast Browser

If 2014 was the year when you saw the world go mobile, well 2015 brings more opportunities for mobile development as more and more people are getting an access to mobile, which means more advertising budgets allotted to mobile campaigns. In times like these, it is important to have a mobile responsive, light weight, fast browser which takes our mobile experience to another level and gives a ray of hope to the mobile app developers of tomorrow. Opera has launched their latest version of the mobile responsive browser and named the browser “Coast”. Let us know what Opera Coast is and what are the features which will make our mobile experience richer.

What is Opera Coast?

Opera Coast is a mobile browser currently for iOS 7 and later and can be installed on iPhones( iPhone and later), iPads( iPad 2 and later) and iPods. The Coast browser has been updated now to version 4.0 and it was announced last month by the company. There is a new feature to this edition though, Turbo is the feature which relies on Opera’s servers which compresses video and pictures which speeds up page-load process and in-turn improves the overall speed of the browser which is the one of the sole purpose of this browser.

What is new in Opera Coast?

Opera Coast saves all your passwords on the device though you can change that in the device’s default settings. All you need to do is to Open your device’s Settings app, tap Opera Coast and switch off Remember passwords and your problem is solved. You can share a page while you are browsing via Mail or social networking sites.

What is Opera Turbo?

Opera Turbo is a new feature added to the Coast browser. What is does is, it works in the background to compress the pages viewed. If you are experiencing low network, the Coast browser will enable Turbo to speed up and enhance your browsing experience. Turbo will be enabled  by default in the geographical regions where net connectivity is slow. There is a drawback of Turbo. It degrades video or picture quality sometimes to make browsing fast. If this is annoying for you, you can disable in Coast’s settings.

Is Opera Coast safe?

Most of the iOS users have noticed the iCloud leak and thus are always worried about their passwords being hacked, but yes Opera Coast is very safe and you are the master of your own privacy. The Coast browser makes use of powerful security methods running in the background. The app takes different anomalies into account to determine whether the content is safe or not, like encryption of a page, reputation etc. When you visit a site which has harmful threats to your device, the Coast browser is smart enough to inform you about the same and you can do the needful.

Whenever you open the Coast browser, there is something new for you to read or a short video for you to get entertained. When you search something on web, there is a lot of text in the results that appear which makes our tasks difficult, but this browser makes it better for you to spot a result by showing you visuals and icons instead of text.

It is easy to sync multiple accounts on the Coast browser and also if you are using more than one device, like an iPhone and an iPad. The browser’s task is to make browsing fun and fast for the users, so in the quest for that provides support to Handsoff feature. The Coast is sure to take the mobile experience to another level and we are sure you guys must have some interesting stories about Coast to tell us, which of course you can mention it in the comments below.