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Ockel Sirius B is a Windows 10 Mini PC

Ockel Sirius B

Ockel computers are beautiful and elegant PC’s that are as small as your smartphone or your external hard drive. But these are just as powerful as a desktop PC. All you need to use an Ockel computer is an HDMI-screen and a mouse and/or keyboard. The Ockel Sirius B handles it all, whether it is Netflix, Twitter, or Dropbox. The millions of applications at the Windows 10 Appstore will give you the control you are looking for.

Use It Wherever and Whenever.

The Ockel Sirius B is compact in size. It can easily fit into your pocket or bag. It is the size of some of the latest smartphones. You will hardly realize you are carrying a complete computer with you. You just need to connect an HDMI screen, the power adapter and optionally a mouse and/or keyboard. No one likes to carry around heavy stuff. That’s why the Ockel Sirius B weighs only 120 grams. This is even less than the iPhone 7 Plus.

32GB Flash Storage.

You can turn any television or other screen into a smart media center using the Ockel Sirius B. You can enjoy the latest Netflix series, stream with Kodi or listen to your favorite artists with Groove music. The Ockel Sirius B comes with 32GB of Flash storage. It has a Micro SD card slot so that you always have enough space to store all your media files.

Powerful & Portable Technology.

You can use the two USB ports, WiFi and Bluetooth technology to connect a keyboard, mouse or other peripherals. Ockel computers are an excellent solution for students, freelancers and business owners. It is perfect for people looking for powerful and portable technology.

2GB of RAM.

It offers 2GB of RAM. This enables you to perform all daily tasks. Edit documents, send e-mails or browse for your next holiday destination, these mini PC’s are powerful enough to handle it all.

2 USB Ports.

There are two USB ports in the Ockel Sirius B. There is also has an HDMI port and a Micro SD-card slot. Along with that comes a 3.5 mm audio and microphone jack. That means you can connect a keyboard, mouse, speaker or any other external device within the blink of an eye.

Work in Silence.

The company designed the Ockel Sirius B in such a way that ventilation fans are no longer required. This unique feature combined with flash storage means you can enjoy working in silence. This way you can also benefit from ultra-low power consumption.

Ockel Sirius B is For Everyone.

The company believes their pocket PC’s are great for many people. Freelancers can take their work with them to a client or a shared office space. Keynote speakers can use them as pocket-sized presentations that are available at their fingertips. Students can use their scarce space of their dorm room for other objects. This can act as a latest technology for modern employers and employees. Travellers can connect around the globe and save their travel experiences. Netflix lovers can turn any television into a smart tv and enjoy their favourite media with the help of Ockel.

Coming in June.

Along with every Ockel Sirius B, you get an HDMI cable, power cable and an AC-adapter. Also, the adapter is compatible with the power outlets in your country. The Ockel Sirius B is expected to deliver in the second week of June.