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Obsidian Is a High-Quality And Affordable 3D Printer

Obsidian 3D Printer

Obsidian is a never-before-seen combination of reliability, quality, and aesthetics. It runs on non-proprietary firmware, too. Obsidian has been in development since 2015. It is Kodama’s first in-house self-designed 3D printer. It has been made in collaboration with an all-star team of various industry experts. Kodama founder and CEO Michael Husmann is a former project manager at Apple.

Redefines 3D Printing.

Obsidian is part of a new generation of FDM 3D printers. It redefines what’s possible in affordable 3D printing. It is exquisitely designed, inside and out with a sleek body available in Obsidian Black or Trooper White. Its internal components were engineered in-house. This was done by experienced manufacturers and exclusive to Kodama. This is the 3D printer the world has been waiting for. Obsidian makes no compromises between beauty, quality, and affordability.

The Team.

The mechanics and internals were handled by an ex Bosch engineer with 3D printing experience. A Singapore based electrical engineer with 30 years experience managed the quality control and electronics. It was handled in consultation with him. Obsidian‘s UI/UX designs were handled by a designer working for a major automobile manufacturer.

Plug & Play.

You don’t need to worry about the time-consuming assembling process. Obsidian comes ready out of the box, unlike most budget and affordable 3D printer kits. Just load your filament, plug the power in, and you’re good to go.

For most 3D printers, A power outage or accidental disconnect, for most 3D printers, can be pretty serious and frustrating. This can be even more frustrating when you are halfway into a 12-hour print. With Obsidian, you just need to reconnect and tap Resume. This feature is controlled by the LCD board. It limited to Obsidian Plus and Deluxe.

Heated Bed.

With Obsidian you’re not limited to PLA. You can upgrade your package to include a heated bed for printing with Nylon, ABS, PETG, and more! But there is something you have never heard of is the exclusive and world’s first filament with Obsidian powder. In addition, the company is in talks with a factory in Germany to produce tungsten nozzles as a future add on.

Gives You Best Prints.

Obsidian looks cool and has nice features and can give the best quality prints. The company knows that at the end of the day, the benchmark that matters most is print quality, and Obsidian delivers!

Custom-made Extruder Head.

Obsidian’s high-quality prints are made possible by its custom-made extruder head. It comes with a dual fan set which allows efficient temperature control of the heat block and printed model. This ensures consistent extrusion. Obsidian’s nozzle and PTFE tube are connected. This allows you to change nozzles by just loosening one screw. You can also swap nozzles effortlessly.

The Obsidian 3D printer campaign is still going on on Kickstarter. It has already been backed 7 times more than its actual Kickstarter target.