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Now, you can watch ad-free Youtube videos

Youtube Music Key

What is the most annoying part while surfing internet? It’s undoubtedly buffering and loads and loads of ads, whether it is a video or listening online music etc. Google, which acquired the video giant Youtube has come up with a new service for their viewers to get access to ad free music at a paid cost. so that you can watch ad-free Youtube videos This step was on the cards because Beats( now owned by Apple Inc.) and Spotify provide a paid version of their services for viewers to enjoy ad free music and if Beats(Apple Inc.) does something, it has to be matched equally by Google in one way or another.

Youtube became the world’s largest online video streaming service, thanks to their advertise only approach which is kind of a loss for viewers and a wave of happiness for companies looking to market through Youtube’s ad campaigns. So, the question arises as to why Google now wants to change their advertising only campaigns to ad-free campaigns, just because they have the largest user base and so now they think they can play with liberty.

Youtube Music Key

Why Youtube launched “Music Key”?

“Music Key”, yes this what the name given to Youtube’s (Google’s) latest ambitious project to get to the new high in digital market. Music Key subscriptions are supposed to be offered with an introductory plan of $9.99 per month. Why would Google do that? They have the sources to provide these services for free, but they get millions of dollars per month through these ad campaigns and suddenly they will have to maintain their balance sheets in order to be creative and off beat. They are not being off beat though, Beats music and Spotify have been providing these services and Spotify even accounts for more than 12.5 million customers who regularly pay for their ad free music. So, Google would try and fight it out.

Who is leading “Music Key”?

Susan Wojcicki, a veteran Google exec is leading the team behind “Music Key”. She has been associated with the Youtube’s ad campaigns since a long time and now they sense the urgency to improve the revenue of Youtube, which Google acquired for $1.65 Billion. Susan believes that an ad free plan along with the advertise only free plan will provide a variety to the users and this will in turn fetch more users leading to the overall increase in the revenue. She says that there will be a time when people would not want to view the ads and they will get fed up of it( Believe me, I am fed up of it.)

Susan is looking over plans of other online video companies too like, Netflix and Hulu. Some of these services shows ads but Netflix is proud not to harass their users with unwanted ads. There are even lots of mobile apps where users have an option to view the ads or to pay for these services and pemanently get rid of these ads, which makes it more exciting and challenging for Google to pursue their next dream of making Youtube a combination of the previous Youtube and other ad free service like a Spotify or Beats.

What does “Music Key” offer?

A subscription of Youtube Music Key includes clear access to Google Play Music, and sources at Google say that both these services would track users’ listening and viewing habits and offer them custom recommendations on these platforms. Google launched an invite-only beta version of Youtube Music Key to some of Youtube’s top viewers. These Beta users would get the service free for the next six months and then they would be required to pay $7.99 per month to enjoy it lifetime. Music Key is supposed to be launched later next year.

It will be interesting to see how Youtube would be able to add newly released albums to these subscriptions and the overall feasibility of Music Key. We are quite sure that the viewers would love this bit from Youtube(Google), but the results would be in the favour of Google, or so we second guess that. If you guys have any updates on Music Key, you can mention it in the comments below.