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Now Order Your Favourite Dominos Pizza From Your Watch, Tv and Car

Domino Pizza

As a kid, I always dreamt of having pizza all the time at unearthly hours and no matter how full I was I could never say no to a slice of pizza and slowly that I would hog the entire pizza by myself. It was my dream like any other kid would have thought of being able to order a pizza from your watch or your phone etc. If you were one of them, then there is good news for you as Domino’s will make it possible for you to order it from literally anywhere, like from your watch, your car or your TV while you watch enjoy the game on a lazy Sunday.

Order a Pizza from your Watch

With Domino’s latest watch app it would be possible to order it with just three clicks. The watch app is more like a simplified version of the mobile app as we know there are time constraints while using a Smart Watch. Domino’s is always ahead of their counterparts and they are tech savvy. There is a virtual assistant called Dom and it functions just like Siri.

Now, if you want to order a pizza from your watch, you will have to save your recent order in your profile or you are required to have an “Easy Order” saved to your account. The drawback here is, if you saved a double cheese margarita and while ordering you wish to load it with cheese burst, you can not change it. Domino’s makes it easy for the customers to track their orders from the time it is put in the oven to bake till it reaches you. This app is currently available on Android and Pebble SmartWatches.

Order a Pizza from your TV

Domino's Smart Tv Order

Domino’s recently launched an app for Samsung Smart TVs, the second best addition to their list of AnyWare apps ( Ordering a pizza from anywhere). It is pretty simple app where you can order your previous orders but forget about customising its or any other additions to your order. The best thing about the app is that you can order the pizza from your TV without missing all the action from the game. Domino’s believes that this app is a smart addition to their growing list of apps and TVs are present in almost every house so they get wider an audience. Domino’s VP of Multi Media Marketing reported feels that online orders are efficient than phone calls because of the time they save and the ease of operation.

Order a Pizza from your Car

Domino's Car Order

Who doesn’t love the drive throughs at McDonald’s. Ordering from your Car and enjoying a Pizza on the highway on a Summer night can’t get better than this. Now, Ford and Domino’s have collaborated over this gem of an idea and the result is worth it. ( Note : Domino’s Pizza is the first food e-commerce app to integrate with automotive telematics system). Domino’s mobile users can now order their favourite pizza with the help of Ford Sync AppLink without the hassles of going to the Pizza Joint and ordering to an attendant when you are not in the mood to do that. This will be possible soon enough for users having a Pizza Profile on Domino’s mobile app in a few, voice-activated steps on their phones.

It’s the first time that any fast food company has been so gutsy to venture into this kind of e-commerce strategy but as they say, when you have confidence on your quality you don’t worry about the problems to be faced due to the opposition. This is a huge step to the future and I do hope that we get to see such wonders by other major brands too.