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Noria – The Window Air Conditioner that Offers Smart Cooling Options

Noria Air Conditioner

With record-breaking temperatures making us test our tolerance, it is mandatory for most to get the best Air conditioner to calm us down. One needs to check on air conditioning units ahead of time. Those looking for a worthy upgrade though, look no further.

Philadelphia-based Likuma Labs have unveiled an air conditioner that is part of the Internet of Things bandwagon. It also addresses the frustrations one associates with window air conditioners and solves the issues well. Window air conditioners are of use in summertime and work great mostly, but the drawback has been huge window space. Most are heavy and hard to install.

Noria, the smart air conditioner is designed as a smaller, lighter option and offers perfect room circulation and smart connectivity features.

Noria – Defining Coolness with its Slim Form Factor

Noria features hassle-free two-step installation on windows that are relatively smaller than the average. Its weight is lighter than the others and the AC set is slim enough to slide under the beds easily. It generates low-level sounds that is unlike most ACs. Users can install and secure window frame adapter and then lock the air conditioner in the slot. Since it boasts of rounded sides, installing and removing Noria is not a problem at all.

Most window air conditioners are known for their boxy bulk and huge ventilation slats. Noria on the other hand has a slim form and offers incredible function, with curves in a design reminiscent of the thinnest of ACs. It has a size that is less than the standard 5,000 BTU/hr window AC thus providing extreme convenience for most domestic purposes.

The makers were quite aware of the window air conditioning options in the market and ventured out to make an AC that was slim and boasted of smartphone control.  Also the team directed the user experience with a completely new design which defined elegance and modernity while also thwarting existing window AC designs.

Noria Air Conditioner – Unique Cooling Approach

When it comes to cooling approach, Noria is effective within an area of about 160 sq ft. But it does not direct the air in, but angles its cold air towards the ceiling. This creates a real convective flow in the entire room thus eliminating warm air pockets and push cold air throughout the room. This also guarantees better climate control and less consumption of energy.

With a single knob on Noria, it can adjust temperature. Users can switch off the unit’s compressor to get fresh air in as the temperature starts to cool down. There is no option to balance the fan speed but the system does operate at a noise of just about 50 dB. Noria can generate low-level sounds and can run all day without much fuss.

Additional Smart Features

  • Wi-Fi and IoT compatibility are some of the few features to be integrated with Noria.
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Compatible app allows users to adjust the thermostat, control units, and set schedules for smart energy usage and automatic routine.

Noria is being funded on Kickstarter, and has managed to reach half of its targeted US$250,000 goal within a single day! One can pledge it for $299, and thus save on nearly $100 off the intended retail price. The company is using modeled thermal performance on functioning prototypes and the funding is being directed to improve the design of injection molding, prototyping, PCB development, and the like. The team is also heavily testing the production aligned to UL safety testing standards. Backers can expect most shipments from April, 2017.