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Noordung Angel Edition – Premium Electric Bikes with a Multifunctional Boombox

Noordung Angel Edition

Electric bikes have gained a lot of popularity in the market recently. Most of those electric bikes have similar looks and the same old features. It is very rare that an electric bike will come up with something really fascinating and catch our eyes these days. People want electric bikes that are smarter and have more functions than just being an electric bike. Noordung does that by giving us Angel Edition.

The Slovenian startup, Noordung just recently revealed a premium electric bike cycle model and has named it the Noordung Angel Edition. This exclusive pre-production series includes only 15 handmade bicycles. The founder of Noordung, Gregor Fras, plans on personally contacting each and every person who purchases one of these e-bikes. The Angel Edition consists of 15 lightweight bikes with carbon composite frames, built-in motors, Brooks saddles, 26-inch tires, and front and rear disc brakes.

A Lightweight Electric Bike

Noordung Angel Edition is an exclusive pre-production series of only 15 handmade bikes. These are precisely crafted urban electric Noordung bikes. The bikes have got an elegant design and the lightweight frames are made of carbon composites. The Noordung bike has an ultra-light electric motor with a range of more than 18 miles per charge. The Vivax Assist electric motors are considered to be one of the best electric motors in the world.

Design of Noordung Angel Edition

The bike is designed in such a way that you can charge your electronics on the go using the USB ports. A fascinating part about the Noordung bikes is that its removable battery doubles as a fully portable multifunctional boombox.

The Features are Uncommon and Surprising

  1. Electric Motor: The Noordung bikes have ultralight motors, invisible built in the bike with more than 30 hm range.
  2. Music on the go: The multifunctional boombox on the bike gives you up to 100 hours of music through the state-of-the-art speakers, played from your phone.
  3. Ultralight: The bike is made with carbon composites and is considered to be the lightest urban electric bike in the world.
  4. Charging your electronics: The USB ports on the bike lets you charge your phone, tablet, or computer.
  5. Smart Motor: The bike has a feature that analyzes the air quality of the route you have chosen, so you can find the most eco-friendly routes for your daily commute and ride healthy.
  6. Easy & Simple: The Noordung bikes use an innovative magnetic technology, so you can move the boombox quickly and easily.
  7. Battery: The Noordung bike uses a 33.6V 450 Wh battery that is capable of providing around 19-20 miles worth of range on a full charge.

Exceptional Price for an Exceptional Experience

The Noordung Angel Edition is limited to only 15 handmade bikes. Each bike is offered at the price of 8,000 euros.

The Bottom Line

At Noordung, by making an innovation like the Angel Edition, all they are really trying to do is reinvent the ride. The one really interesting thing they have done is rethought the battery from all perspectives. They turned it into a multifunctional boombox that can play music from your phone, entitles pedal assistance, charges your laptop, tablet, and phone, and analyzes air quality on your route. By giving great user experience to biking, their aim is to give you the ride of your life.