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Nintendo Labo: An Innovative Augmented Reality Game to Boost Creativity

Nintendo Labo

Making the little minds learn the intricacies of coding and having an engineering experience for some time has been a focus of some game brands who continued to come with ingenious offerings like consoles to build small computers, small game playing gadgets, etc. Now, Nintendo joined this league with its new console which by using augmented reality can build fast paced cars, pianos and fully workable robotic suits.

This new product offered under Switch games console called Nintendo Labo is really an innovative augmented-reality game that can turn the innocent looking cardboard models into fully operative digital toys. On the outset, this really sounds awesome and this why it deserves a detailed exposure and explanation.

How Nintendo Labo works?

Nintendo Labo box consists of 25 sheets of brown coloured and thick cardboards along with a small cartridge that basically works as the Nintendo Switch console. It allows you go through the entire creation of various things through Lego-like instructions that are displayed right on the Nintendo Switch screen. Following these instructions, you need to take out the appropriate cardboard pieces and assemble them as per the objects you intend to make.

Various projects with varying degree of complexity

It is quite interesting to see how through various projects the game player continues to learn building various small high tech contraptions. As for the first project, you have just a very simple bug-like radio-controlled car to build which takes not more than just 15 minutes. Once it is built and you are able to move the small car with a dashing speed just by using your Joy-Con controllers, you experience the first joy of creating an impressive piece of toy.

There are also very complex projects involving intricate contraptions. The cardboard made piano model involves several delicate elements, and there are also complex projects like building an abstract motorbike. Every construction involving cardboard contraption and the elastic string is actually augmented reality toy that can be run and controlled by the slot Joy-Con controllers. The piano project is the most complex project requiring more than 2 hours of time. A virtual experience that translates your body movements into that of a robot built through this console is the most complex project and engaging experience you can expect from it.

The principle that binds together these toys

The working principle behind all game constructions is referred by Nintendo as Toy-Cons which are basically cartoon characters that give the whole interface a fun gaming element while actively making little minds enjoy their first experience in coding and engineering. Right on the screen of the Switch, the whole detailed cross-section view of each model can be seen to get active guidance while building a contraption as per instructions.

The toys are exceptionally sturdy

The Toy-Cons which are built through this console are astoundingly sturdy, and this is why they allow you to dispense with the so-called cheaper plastic toys. In case you have broken the toys, and the materials required for contraptions Nintendo is already planning to come with replacement merchandise. But you can also mend or repair such cardboard kits and templates with just a little glue or sticky tape in case the damage is not grave enough. You can also decorate the cardboards with funny drawings or similar things without really affecting their functionality.

How it really differs from most AR games in the market?

Nintendo Labo typically comes with attributes that all other existing augmented reality games cannot offer. It uses a camera technology allowing superimposing things in the real world. Nintendo boasts of a rich history as a toy making company that never failed to come with tangible physical objects which get a visible enhancement with the present console. By engaging the players cerebrally, it allows building more responsive toys for real-world actions. As for parents, this new console can be the right way to engage their kids in gaming while allowing their minds to get the first-hand experience of coding and engineering.

Final Verdict

Nintendo Labo offers a creative way to engage kids and help them savour a first-hand engineering experience. While engaging kids into the creative construction of gaming contraptions that interact with the real world actions, this innovative toy incorporates never before the happiness of creativity.