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Nike’s Self-tying Sneakers – The Coolest New Thing in Town

Self-tying Sneakers

Innovation is driving every industry to design and develop products that were once only dreamt of. From smart gadgets to hover boards, the world is witnessing massive progress in how technology is aiding companies to build state-of-the-art products. One company which is leveraging on modern technology is sports major Nike, which has recently announced the launch of its self-tying sneakers, the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0.

Futuristic Sneakers

Nike’s self-tying sneakers are designed on the adaptive lacing concept. The shoes translate deep research in digital, electrical and mechanical engineering into a product that is designed for seamless movement. Nike’s self-tying sneakers aim to provide the ultimate solution in lacing and tension preference. By sliding their feet into Nike’s self-tying sneakers, the heels hit a sensor that automatically tighten the shoe’s laces based on the user’s feet structure. The 2 blue-lighted buttons on the side of the shoe then give users the freedom to loosen or tighten the shoe, until it fits snugly.

Self-tying Sneakers – Built for Comfort

Nike’s self-tying sneakers are said to have been inspired by the power-lacing technology shoes as depicted in the 1989 movie, Back to the Future Part II. Some inspiration has also been taken from Disney’s animated movie Wall E to design the soles of the sneakers. The sneakers make use of an Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing technology that allows runners to make micro-adjustments. Nike’s self-tying sneakers are rechargeable and take about 3 hours to provide a battery that lasts 2-weeks. The lighting system informs users when the sneakers have to be charged again.

Designed for Athletes

Nike’s self-tying sneakers have been specifically designed to offer the perfect fit to athletes. Undue pressure that is caused due to tight or loose tying of laces often results in discomfort, and Nike’s self-tying sneakers are set to overcome this uneasiness. As an athlete’s feet undergo immense stress during a competition, the right fitting shoe is crucial. Nike’s self-tying sneakers offer a consistent and personalized fit that can also manually be adjusted on the go. With the ability to sense what the athlete needs in real time, Nike’s self-tying sneakers aids in reducing mental attrition and improving running performance.

Available Only for Nike+ Members

Nike’s self-tying sneakers are the first step towards the future of adaptive lacing, and aim to create a symbolic relationship between the foot and the shoe. As of now, the shoes will be available only to members of Nike+ in the beginning of Holiday 2016. Users can log into the website to become a Nike+ member and get the latest updates and notifications about Nike’s self-tying sneakers. The sneakers will be available in 3 colours and are expected to be launched in multiple sizes and for multiple purposes, meeting the needs of a large array of athletes. However, there has been no announcement from Nike regarding the price of Nike’s self-tying sneakers yet.

Building a Platform

While some analysts argue that Nike’s self-tying sneakers will only make lazy people lazier, Nike claims that the adaptive lacing technology offers a lot more than just saving a few seconds on tying laces. By offering a product that changes when the athlete changes, Nike is on the path to creating a platform, a platform that is set to predict and sense what a user’s body needs in real time.

Just Do It

If tying shoe laces haven’t been your thing, or if your laces frequently get untied, or if you often trip over loose laces, then Nike’s self-tying sneakers are just for you. So slide your feet into Nike’s self-tying sneakers and enjoy tailored-fit comfort that allows you to take undue stress off your feet and lets you enjoy a comfortable running experience.