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Nexpaq – the Modular Wizard Case for your Smartphone

Nexpaq – the Modular Wizard Case for your Smartphone!

We equate smartphone cases as pure aesthetic devices since they come up in brilliant colors, images and ideas including classy laser etched wood cases and bunny years. But a case with added functionality than security of your phone is something you must have dreamt of. Nexpaq that is due to get publicized at the Arctic15 on the 26th and 27th of May, is one of the most innovative smartphone cases you would have ever seen!

Nexpaq is that truly modular smartphone case that aims to enhance, customize and add features with the help of 12 different modules that includes an LED flashlight, extra memory, amplified speakers and a breathalyzer. What’s more, this is not just a concept case but with Kickstarter, this project is making waves among tech enthusiasts.

Modular Battery Pack with the Batpaq

The batpaq is the first modular battery pack ever that works as a great companion for your smartphone. All packs work similarly by connecting through the USB cable or even wireless Bluetooth. The device can be kept easily in your pocket or handbag.

One of the best features of the batpaq are the two Amplified Speaker modules for connecting to the remote audio device. It can even work as a remote control for your phone for clicking selfies remotely. It also works as an ideal storage drive or as a power bank for recharging your phone.

The batpaq also includes air quality, temperature and humidity assessment modules for getting some remote info about the weather changes.

How to Use Nexpaq

  1. Put your smartphone in the case
  2. Choose the relevant modules and push them in
  3. Start the connected app and control modules

Access all modules through the Nexpaq app. You can check for storage and battery information too. One can swap in new modules and they would get updated swiftly to get started easily. Even if the case is not attached, you can still switch the case on and remotely operate their modules through bluetooth from the nexpaq app.

The Twelve Modules…and a Family!

There are twelve modules in the nexpaq including battery power, amplified speakers, super LED flashlight, SD card reader, temperature and humidity checker, Hot keys for ease of use, USB flash drive, air quality checker, breathalyzer, laser point shoot, backup drive, and the dummy section.

It is important for the makers to continue building on such modules so that they are also available in stores.

The Nexpaq Community for the next generation of cases

Nexpaq is also hoping to build a huge community of third-party developers who will make modules for the case and hence will be soon releasing a toolkit along with API for encouraging more innovation. Nexpaq does not lack functionality with its 12 modules which are controlled via Nexpaq’s app, that can remotely over a Bluetooth connection.

Some analysts are concerned with build quality,  and even the usability of Nexpaq’s app and its accuracy. The makers insist that the modular pack has been tested to meet “international quality standards.”

Prices on its Head!

Prices for the Nexpaq modules start from $3 to $29 on Kickstarter and one can fill the 6 slots on the Nexpaq case at a time. There is a built-in battery power for extra battery time.

The battery pack is available for phone models like iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S5 and soon the list is going to be inexhaustive. New modules are expected to be available on their hardware app store and priced extra for each.