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New Chromebooks from Haier and Hisense Starts at $149

Hisense Chromebook

When the first of the Chromebooks arrived three years back, people thought of it as not such a great move as you don’t get storage capacity like your normal Notebook but little did we know that in a span of few years we are on the verge of getting to the Cloud and if it helps, in the future there will no be no such thing like a storage device as everything would be on the Cloud. Though there is a problem of Net Neutrality going on at the moment but I suppose it will be solved soon and it would be fun watching the world move to Cloud. If you surf the most on your laptops then a low priced Chromebook would definitely attract your attention.

A New Chromebook?

Google has recently launched two of their cheapest Chromebooks ever manufactured by the Chinese companies Hisense and Haier and the cost is a meagre $149 which is about $50 less than a regular Chromebook. A $50 difference won’t sound much but when you see the percentage decrease that is %25, you certainly get an idea of how good a job is accomplished by Haier and Hisense.

Google has decided to go with two different sellers for both the Chromebooks. The Haier Chromebook 11 is now available to buy on Amazon and the Chromebook from Hisense is being sold exclusively by Walmart. The pre-sales of the both these Chromebooks started recently on March 31.

Features of New Chromebook:

Both these devices from Haier and Hisense are similar, so you might question that why would Google want two different companies to manufacture the Chromebook if there is no difference between them. Maybe, Google is testing their standards. Both these devices have 11.6 inch displays, two GB of RAM, 16GB of minimal storage and the best part is that they promise all-day battery life. Now which Notebook does that, that too at such low rates. Both the devices have Rockchip processors, Chinese chips for low power consumption and heat dissipation.

The Hisense has a 2.5 GHz processor compared to the Haier’s 1.7GHz, but the slightly slower speed supposedly gives the Haier ten hours of battery life compared to the Hisense’s advertised 8.5 hours. The Hisense Chromebook is a tad bit bulkier at 3.3 pounds when we compare it with the 2.5 pound light weight Haier Chromebook.

Why you should definitely buy a Chromebook?

As I have mentioned earlier that the Cloud is making its mark and now more and more people are working on Cloud so that they don’t need to worry about the storage space and the quality of security it provides at pretty affordable rates. If we look at the price then these Chromebooks are definitely worth a try. Would you like to order one for yourself? You can checkout these Chromebooks here.