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Navdy Heads Up Display: Drive in to the Future

navdy heads up display

Can you imagine how it feels like driving in the future? It was really fun to see cartoons and movies of the late 90’s and early 2000’s that depicted how driving a car in future might be with all those cool gadgets like cars in those James Bond movies. I was always fascinated by those cars when I was a kid and it seems that the car manufacturers are ready to take the plunge into future with the additional devices and accessories of the cars are a piece of art.

Apple and Google, both these companies are entering the automobile markets with their CarPlay and Android Auto respectively but both these systems would require to use the centre dashboard to display.

What is Navdy Heads Up Display?

The Navdy HUD ( Heads Up Display) is the latest system that sits on your dashboard between the steering wheel of the car and the windshield with a display that projects anything that is in the range of mere six feet in front of the windshield. This display is then connected to your favourite iPhone and Android apps like Google Maps, Gmail etc. to navigate around a city or to answer your mails without even touching your mobile. Navdy wants you to keep an eye on the road at all times and while doing so, see exactly where you’re going.

Features of Navdy HUD:

The Navdy HUD can also be controlled by gestures for example when someone calls you, you do not need to reach out to your pocket or your bag to answer the call. You can just give a thumbs up above the steering wheel to answer the calls and just swipe to hang up the call. When someone calls you, you will get the call notifications on the display along with your directions.

You can reply to text messages with the help of voice commands. This means that messages can be read aloud to you when you are driving. This is very important because Navdy doesn’t want you to read messages when you are driving. If you are concerned about a bumpy ride and how this system works on bumpy roads then you must rest assure because this display does not move an inch and it is quite sturdy so no problem when you drive in a rash manner or when the roads do not suit your car.

What else do you need to know about Navdy HUD?

You may wonder how the display works when the weather is all bright and sunny? No worries, the display is clear and sharp. Navdy HUD is totally different from in-dash consoles and won’t compete directly with them. The focus with Navdy is keeping driver eyes on the road, and providing safe interaction methods.

You can place this system on the dashboard of your car behind the steering wheel and can also be detached from the dashboard so that you can use a single unit in multiple vehicles. We give a heads up to Navdy HUD and if you want to read more about this unique system, you can read here.