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Nanoleaf Smarter Kit – Lights up with iPhone Siri!

Nanoleaf Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf, specializes in energy-efficient LED-based lights and have now introduced some innovative light bulbs that are artistic and traditional in equal measure blessed with LEDs mounted on printed circuit boards.

The Nanoleaf Home Smarter Kit consists of magnificent dimmable bulbs and a geometric hub that is integrated with Apple’s HomeKit platform, as users can control lights through Siri and Nanoleaf app.

Android users would not be able to use Nanoleaf until it joins Google Weave next year.

The Big Intro of Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf’s Smarter Kit connects and supports Apple HomeKit, and are much more than just attractive and funky-looking lights. You can dim the bulbs up and down with Siri voice commands or with the smartphone app for the same.

It might not change colors or temperatures but the hub can control some cheaper third-party bulbs too. The design is outstanding although one cannot schedule lighting changes and one cannot sync bulbs with motion detectors.

The Nano Design

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is attractive with its 2 Ivy bulbs compared to the other open-style lamps and light fixtures that you can find in the market.

The hub connects the smart bulbs to the web and looks the most visually appealing HomeKit product until now. The lights might not match every decor and the hub needs to be connected to a router as part of the Zigbee setup.

The Ivy Bulb Attributes

  • These Ivy bulbs have a neat feature within itself that that lets bulbs to be dimmed physically rather than through an app or voice command as mentioned earlier.
  • Light switches can activate and deactivate the dimming. This is handy if you need to do it manually.
  • Ivy bulbs is bright at 800 lumens, which is 60 watts, and not bright in itself. They would not provide a satisfactory ambient light.
  • Compared to 60 watt bulb, the light output is similar. The bulbs are luminescent at 3000K, and radiates “warm” light and sometimes more blue.
  • The 7.5W bulbs are eco-friendly and extremely energy-efficient, so they can save on money in due course of time.
  • Nanoleaf Smart Ivy and Nanoleaf Smart Gem are two different bulbs available with the kit. One can custom name Scenes or Rooms for adjusting the light by issuing voice commands like ‘turn off desk light’, or ‘set lunch time’. It can be controlled wirelessly to change color temperature.
  • The voltage ranges from 100-240 V.

Setup and Pricing

The setup of Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is simple. You can plug in the hub, connect it to your iOS device using the HomeKit code, and add the relevant lights to the setup.

It might be a hassle to setup with HomeKit products in one’s home since sometimes one might have to make the setup from scratch. One would have to manually reset every Homekit product and attach the bulbs that you want to be connected with Homekit. The entire pairing process needs to be done again.

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is priced at a bomb at $99 for two bulbs. All the additional bulbs are available at a pricey $24.99 so it is possible that the savings are not that tremendous as one might suppose to be. A single Nanoleaf Smarter Hub can get 32 bulbs connected with its base which is enough to enlighten a huge house.