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Nanoleaf Aurora – The Custom Mood Lighting System that will Enlighten your Lives!

Nanoleaf Aura LED

The Nanoleaf Aurora is a terrific mood lighting system meant for the contemporary minimalist era. Here is a modular wall fixture which includes a custom LED lighting system that can be arranged in multiple geometric shapes without the need for traditional electrical fixtures.

Revealed at the recently held CES 2016, the custom lighting system will signal the future when fixtures and traditional systems will take a backseat just like wired internet. Switches might be given away altogether, and lighting can be setup directly on walls like décor pieces themselves.

The Aurora Look!

Nanoleaf Aurora

The customizable triangular units can be connected with each other and operated with unity of a single power supply. One can change the colours of Nanoleaf Aurora with the help of a rainbow palette through the connected app. Nanoleaf’s modular system is also supportable to the Apple HomeKit which would imply that users can command Siri to undertake relevant actions like dim, turn off, or even change all the light colours.

One can even experiment with the Nanoleaf Aurora to fine-tune the natural rhythm. One can program the working of the device with the iOS app via standard home automation protocols.

The Vision behind Aurora

Nanoleaf is a company that is well known for 3D-printed LED light bulbs and its new invention just does away with the bulbs. The smart lighting kit conceived by the company’s design experts has triangular LED panels that does not work according to the traditional lighting structure and this hearkens the advent of future lighting conditions.

Packaging and Contents

  • The Aurora will include 10 units as part of the starter kit that is scheduled to be launched this year.
  • The 10 Aurora panels will be packaged with a power unit that will house a useful wireless transceiver.
  • At least one of the panels needs to be connected to the power unit although the unit can power 30 panels at a time.
  • One can easily avoid visible wires by connecting with the home power line directly.
  • Each Aurora panel can be connected with another panel with any of the three edges of the panel.
  • One can arrange the panels in diverse ways and get help from the app with lighting changes configured cleanly.
  • It depends on how you want the low-key daylight tones to go with the circadian rhythms.

How does it Work Internally?

Nanoleaf’s Ivy smart bulbs works on the same concept as the new Aurora panels. The panels transmit a ZigBee signal to the main Hub which connects the Wi-Fi router allowing users to control the panels with the help of the smartphone app. The makers are considering having a 12-sided controller to be packaged with the panels which will function as a physical switch for each of the panels. The faces of the controller could indicate a preset for the lighting system, but nothing has been confirmed from the company yet.

The makers have assured of the Aurora’s integration with leading home automation systems, although it is difficult to confirm. The panels boast of Apple HomeKit compatibility while their previous innovation Ivy bulbs is also compatible with Google Weave with the launch of the company app.

Nanoleaf currently sells its bulbs internationally through its website — if the Aurora starter kit ends up ringing in at $199, the price will convert to about £135, or AU$275.

Nanoleaf Aurora Pricing Structure and its Relevance

The 10 panels kit is priced at $199 which is the same as the Philips Hue starter kit, which is another HomeKit-compatible lighting system. With color-changing smart lighting being its highlight along with its custom non-traditional setup—Nanoleaf Aurora is one Internet-of-things product that is all set to raise eyebrows as well as sales.