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Moments Case: Explore Mobile Photography Like Never Before

Moments Case

With DSLR cameras and Smartphones with premium quality cameras, our lives have become pixel perfect. I still remember the time before five years when my friend used to make fun of me because she had a 5MP camera on her touch screen Wave 2 compared to the 2MP camera on my LG Cookie. Gone are those days. Now, the Smartphones are equipped with two or three cameras for all types of angles and who needs a camera when you have a good quality phone like iPhone 6. There is a device, Moments Case for your iPhone 6 to capture the best pictures with convenience.

Moments Case:

Moments is case for photography lovers who would like to turn their iPhone 6 into a professional picture taking device with the help of a shutter button, lens and strap attached with the phone. It is the first iPhone 6 case that was truly created for mobile photographers. Designed in a particular manner, the makers wanted to target the four things that are really missing in the mobile photography scene at the moment and they did a commendable job per se.

DSLR Shutter Button

You must have experienced a problem while taking pictures from your phone that it takes too long to capture an image because you have to focus and touch the phone with taking two or three shots to get it right every time. And it is even worse when you try to do it with a moving subject. There is Moment Shutter Button on top of the Moments case which is a multi state button that enables half press and full press features very much similar to a DSLR camera. You can even half press it to lock focus on your subject with ease and hold it down to unlock the mode.

Button and Controls

If we merge the press of the shutter with the on-screen touch features of the phone, there is a possibility to unlock advanced controls that were not previously possible in smartphone photography or mobile photography. Now you don’t need to rest your mobile on a bunch of boxes or tables to perfect your shot. The shutter button can be used well to focus and tune the lighting as you feel like and ultimately it will lead to better images without excessive editing.

Best Glass

The lens is included in the Moments case. What will this do? It makes your phone lens-ready and provides great strength interface so that you can leave your lens in between shots. The Moments Case knows when you attach a lens to it and the it allows the Moment App to display certain features for each lens.

Rest Outside the Pocket

The best external part about professional cameras is the strap attachment that comes with it. It is something that makes a major appeal with your camera’s appearance and makes it safe to let it hang. But when you are constantly on the move and are shooting with your mobile, you will be forced to keep the phone in your pockets every single time and taking it out to take a picture is a major task and lazy people might even  refrain from it. It makes your phone more accessible. It can be worn on your wrist or around your neck like a DSLR camera to capture the perfect moments in your vicinity.

The Moments Case is available on Kickstarter as a pre-buy so why don’t you photography lovers give it a shot and explore mobile photography like never before. Happy shopping, get your Moments Case now.