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Modobag – World’s First Rideable Traveler Bag That Is Changing How We Travel!


Launched on Indiegogo by Kevin O’Donnell, Modobag is the world’s first rideable travel bag that is changing the way the world travels. It is a rideable carry-on luggage that will get you through the airport terminal three times faster than walking. It can be used as a traditional wheeled bag and also like a motorized vehicle.

This black beauty boxy luggage offers side pockets for easy access to all of your charging electronics and a cushioned seat with some space for your clothes. Additionally, it also comes with a real-time location tracking, dual wheel braking system and dual USB charging ports featuring the latest in luggage design and advanced motorized technology.

Surely Modobag is the world’s only motorized scooter that lowers the bag into its riding position with ease. You just have to jump on the built-in seating area and hit the 200-watt electric motor at full throttle to go 6 miles through the airport terminal at speed up to 8 mph on a single charge. This is truly an innovation in the making.

Elegant Design

Modobag has a pretty design that measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches assuring high-end performance. This black bag has a sealed bearing steering column, touch control dashboard that offers 2,000 cubic inches of packing space and a base weight of 19 pounds that can seat riders up to 260 pounds. The wheels are made up of polyurethane that is similar to skateboard wheels, which handle a few bumps in the road.  With the inbuilt GSM tracking system, it will help you locate your bag with a companion iOS or Android App.

How does it work?

The bag can easily accommodate a rider for that you just need to open the front panel of the bag, pull the handle up and switch the bag’s motor on. There is a small lever on the right to accelerate, and grip the brake that’s why there is no need of instruction to use the Modobag.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor – 150 Watt Electric
  • Top Speed – 8 MPH
  • Thumb Action Throttle
  • Lightweight Lithium Batteries
  • Range – 8 Miles
  • Battery Recharging – 80% charge in 15 minutes
  • Battery Life – Over 4,000 full charge cycles
  • UL approved Smart Charger
  • Dual Wheel Braking System
  • GPRS-GSM Real-Time Tracking
  • Extendable Towing Handle
  • Side Mounted Pockets

Battery and Charging Feature

The Modobag traveling suitcase includes two USB ports to top up the motors battery in between flights. It avoids the need to search for a free charging point at the gate. The kit takes about an hour to charge the full battery and only 15 minutes to charge 85% of the battery which can last about 8 miles on an average 180-pound passenger.

Price & Availability

The Kevin O’Donnell’s Modobag is being funded by an Indiegogo campaign where you can get the motorized traveling bag for $995 and $69 for the companion mobile app which is optional.  That’s near $1,000 for a single piece of luggage. The optional Mobile App will allow you to use the GPRS-GSM, Tracking, and Proximity features on your phone which are a highly recommended option and comes with one free year of service.  From a range of interior and exterior features in addition to a set of specifications, it’s worth the cost as it is rideable.  The estimated delivery date for both the luggage and app is January 2017.

Brain Behind Modobag

The Chicago entrepreneur and world traveler Kevin O’Donnell is the main brain behind Modobag an invention of wanting to change the way the world travels. The motorized piece of luggage was a project ideally suited for his curiosity.


After using Modobag your life will never be the same as it is the best travel companion you can have with you. For shorter commutes, Modobag can surely solve all your horrible travel experiences with a smooth ride and change the way you travel.