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Mobile App Predictions for 2019

Mobile apps are the reason smartphones are persisting. Mobile apps have become such an indispensable part of our lives that it rules almost every activity that we perform in our daily lives. Apps keep modifying every year. There are a variety of gadgets available in the market. There are almost 24 billion mobile devices working worldwide right now. This leads to the evolvement of artificial intelligence.

Major Technologies

Other than the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality is going to be pushed ahead by tech giants like Apple and Google. AR is going to influence mobile user interface heavily. Then comes Machine Learning. It knows what we want, thanks to the data collected by the programmes about our actions and the conclusion of that collection. There are a variety of chatbots that have started using Machine Learning.

Other Technologies

Angular 4, developed by Google on the basis of JavaScript, is a programming library for mobile app developers. In addition to that, there is also crowd marketing which is taking the lead among other sources of marketing and advertising. This is because of the large number of products sold online every day.

What’s Going to be New in 2019?

Analytics and research predict that there will not be anything really new in 2019, but we can definitely expect some up-gradation in the technologies that we are currently using.If you’re looking to know more about other trends, why not check out our blog on 3 Major Mobile Design Trends to Look Out For in 2019.

  1. Mobile Commerce – Selling products on mobile devices is a growing trend. This trend aims at growing the mobile payment systems and maximizing them in such a way that all the transactions in the future are done online, without any hard cash or cards.
  1. Instant Apps – Instant apps are set to change the way we experience mobile apps. Cloud technology will be made a part of this in order to allow to use mobile apps without and downloading and making our phones lighter and leaving more space. This can help us in using our mobile device space for other things. Making use of Instant apps will transform the whole mobile experience and will make it easier for not just the users but also developers.
  1. Service Apps – Service apps like the ones for cabs, beauty services, cleaning etc are growing a lot and are all around us. Imagine making an appointment on one of these apps. Even though we have already been doing with apps like Uber, this is said to grow even more in the future. Geolocating systems play an important part in this. The quality of service apps have also improved largely. They not only focus on providing services but satisfying a major need of the customers with great efficiency.
  1. IoT – Internet of Things is said to take a leap in the next year and will show major growth. Smart homeware will be largely influenced by IoT technology. The main aim here will be to make household systems work automatically and efficiently. You set standards on the app and the functions are performed accordingly. IoT has not been used efficiently. It is still in the initial stages and has a lot of potential to grow and be used in ways that can be radical for improvements worldwide.
  1. Security – There is very little trust among smartphone users. Do we really believe that all our data on our mobile apps are safe? Mobile app developers need to work heavily on security. This year a lot of major apps have suffered this problem and this needs a strong solution. Keeping our mobile apps and our personal information on them is extremely important. Strict security measure for mobiles phones must be laid out and taken care of.

Wrap Up

What are the trends for the upcoming year for mobile app development? The mobile app market is showing impressive growth. But in order to grow it more, it requires more effort on the existing technologies that already have a lot of potentials to succeed. Technologies like the Internet of Things, Cloud Technology and Instant Apps will be major trends in the coming years.

All the new technologies like IoT and Machine Learning are largely going to influence how we experience mobile apps. Even if there are no major new trends that come up in 2019. There will definitely be a lot of development in the already existing technologies.