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MOAR: A Folding Frame, Fat Tire Ebike

MOAR A Folding Frame, Fat Tire Ebike
Moar Bikes is a company based in Santa Monica. They have created a range of flat tyre folding electric bicycles which have been made to compete with the expensive e-bikes currently available. It’s an electric bicycle, one with an angled frame and fat, 24-inch tires that bring to mind an underpowered motorcycle more than a traditional pedal bike.

Easy To Transport And Store.

The MOAR folds easily for transport or storage. It has folding pedals to further decrease its folded size. The bike weighs about 60 pounds without the battery so it’s not exactly lightweight, but it’s also said to be a powerful and comfortable e-bike to ride. According to the company, its bikes offer 30% more torque, power and efficiency than their competitors, and the company believes its models are well positioned to be the ultimate everyday e-bike.

Powerful Components.

Power: MOAR is powered by either a 500w rear-hub or a 750w mid-drive motor. You can ride all day at 750w without burning up the motor. The estimated peak power for the mid-drive motor would roughly be in the 1,000-1,200w range. 750w rated mid-drive motor drives the chain directly through its Shimano 9 speed gears, giving riders more precision control over their riding.

9 Mosfet Motor Controller: Most electric bikes use a 6 Mosfet, with MOAR eBike we’ve opted to use a minimum of 9 Mosfet in our motor controllers. The motor controller and level of Mosfet promises an easy and responsive delivery of maximum electrical power to our 500w and 700w motors. This ensures you get the maximum torque and power that these 8FUN premium rated motors can handle and exactly at the moment you want it.

Premium Lithium Ion Battery: All electronics are powered by one 48V battery with either 10, 13 or 17AH. All batteries on MOAR Electric Bikes are made using premium 48V Samsung Li-Ion batteries. These batteries provide more efficient power delivery with 30% more range than the standard 36V cells used by other eBikes. The 48V battery is housed in an IP65 splash-proof aluminum casing. That allows it to easily slide in/out to charge away from your MOAR eBike. With only one battery powering everything from the motor to electronics packages, there’s no forgetting to charge your headlights and no extra wires or mounts.

Shimano Gears: With our premium gear systems you’ll get more control over your ride while increasing efficiency.

Pedal Assistance System: With a Pedal Assistance System you set a power level for and the electric bike motors will provide assistance in proportion to your pedaling, assisting you to maintain speed. MOAR ebike has 5 levels of assistance within the PAS, ranging from economy mode to sporty mode which is controlled by the conveneient LCD control panel.

Safety Features: all MOAR safety components are centralized to the rear rack battery that powers the motor, so you’ll never be put at a risk by running out of battery on a safety component while riding. MOAR’s dual LED projection headlights were designed to be bright while not blinding oncoming traffic at night. The brakes light glows automatically whenever the disc brakes are applied, with the turn signals and horn activated via handlebar.​

Three Different Models.

There are three different models of MOAR e-bikes being offered. The Sun & Fun bike comes with a 500W rear hub motor, that is paired with a 7-speed Shimano gearing system, and a stock 10Ah battery, but no dual headlights. The 24/7 model features a 500W rear hub motor which is paired with an 8-speed Shimano gearset, with a 13Ah battery pack. For the most powerful option, MOAR is offering the Rapt model, with a 750W mid-hub motor, comes with a 17Ah battery, and a 9-speed Shimano setup, which is supposed to be strong enough to tow a SUV from a standstill. There is a Reserve Now option for $250. Because of this option, the backers will have the opportunity to be able to purchase a bike at 40% off of the actual retail price of $2,199 (Sun & Fun), $2,499 (24/7), or $3,499 (Rapt).