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Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard: A Universal Keyboard for Mobile Devices

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Are you of the opinion that the ever so fancied touch keyboards on our mobile devices, which we all loved using so much initially are now a point of concern and it is not such a good idea now to compose long mails, add multimedia, write that novel while you are travelling and much more with those tiny keyboards. It is kind of frustrating and tiring to work on those keyboards and Microsoft might just have a solution for this problem. A foldable keyboard, yes that’s what it is, a cool, sleek piece of technology.

Microsoft’s new keyboard for mobile devices:

Microsoft originally created a universal keyboard for iOS, Android, and Windows back in September last year, and now they have announced a foldable version to carry forward that legacy. The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, and it is the full name of the device and not just fondly called, is quite similar to the original Universal Keyboard. This keyboard too, comes with Bluetooth connectivity to work on multiple mobile devices but lacking the Windows key.

The original Universal Keyboard wasn’t foldable, the reason for a separate launch, this new keyboard folds quite effortlessly with the help of magnets so that it does not open by itself if you’re carrying the keyboard in a bag along with your device and other belongings.

Features of Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

With the Universal Foldable Keyboard, Microsoft has ditched dedicated function keys at the top of its latest universal keyboard, but there’s a function key for the usual audio controls, search functionality, and more. At a time, this foldable keyboard can be paired with two different devices and you can make a switch in between them with just a single touch.

The keyboard is effortlessly light weight but there is no stand to rest your iPad or mobile. The battery life of the keyboard is up to three months and you can charge it with the help of the USB connector provided at the sides. The material used is soft and and it rests well on the desk and does not slip away.

Price and Availability:

The Universal Foldable Keyboard would ideally be available from this July for an estimated price of $99.95 at the Microsoft Store and various other outlets.The Universal Foldable Keyboard is designed to work with iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets and select Windows Phones. It is easy to set up in seconds, you just need to open the keyboard and connect, it doesn’t get any faster than this. We do hope that this keyboard from Microsoft would be even better than it’s counterpart released last year.