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MediaTek 361: SmartShoes for OverSmart Kids

MediaTek 361 SmartShoes

Baidu is to China what Google is to the world and when Baidu backs a project, you have to take out sometime to have a look at the product. It seems like SmartWatches arrived ages ago and now it is time to venture into SmartShoes. Just imagine, you are worried about your kid’s route from School to home and vice-versa. You can now have these SmartShoes that can track your kids’ activity with accuracy, yes we have even encountered such apps for worried parents in the past but this is altogether different.

What is MediaTek 361?

Chinese search giant Baidu along with the Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek and Chinese manufacturer 361 have created a pair of smart shoes for kids that will help their parents make sure that they don’t lose track of their children. The smart shoes MediaTek 361 were introduced earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from March 2 to March 5, 2015. It is important to see what features have been finally included to the finished product as compared to the features that were anticipated.

Features of MediaTek 361 smart shoes:

The MediaTek 361 smart shoes have a MediaTek Aster processor with 4MB of RAM and a GPS chip that allows to send data about the user’s location to an app already installed in the parent’s smartphone to inform them about their kids’ whereabouts. Apart from this, parents have an option to add more features to this app. For example, Geoboundaries that sends an alert to the parents when their child goes out of the predetermined area that they were supposed to be. This would really help to add more security and parents can take care of other work without worrying much about their kids.

These smart shoes, as they are specially designed for kids have to be all vibrant and something that kids instantly relate to and have a liking, so while marketing for the shoes such aspects are kept in mind and the shoes are positioned accordingly.There is 520mAh battery in the smart shoes that will last a day or two since the chip doesn’t use a lot of power. The shoes come with an inducting charging pad so the users can recharge the battery wirelessly.

More to know about MediaTek 361:

This is the first joint venture digital product developed by 361 degrees and Baidu since both these agreed on developing something useful last September.Adopting Baidu’s technology, this series of kids smart shoes is the first wearable device of the Company and one of the earliest in the market, and is equipped with Baidu Hawkeye technology and LBS open platform services of Baidu Map, which offers accurate position monitoring.

With the access of Baidu Maps speeds up the location process and with almost negligible errors, thus providing an “anti-lost” features to the MediaTek 361 smart shoes. In addition, this series of kids smart shoes takes full advantage of the interconnectivity between Baidu Big Data and Baidu Map without time and location limits, providing an invisible security zone for children through data acquisition and analysis. It will send a push notification to the parents when their kids are out of range and hence parents can take action.