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Marshall Mid ANC: The Rockstar Inspired Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation

Marshall Mid ANC

Marshall, the world famous sound engineering and audio brand launched its new headphones with most advanced noise-cancelling technology. The new speaker labelled as Mid ANC builds us better sound output and performance over its predecessor 2017 model. If you want a robust headphone that can practically block any surrounding noise to deliver most crystal sharp music, there is nothing better than this new Marshall headphone. Marshall was the amplifier that shared the stage with world’s most popular rock legends, and now this speaker will deliver transmit that succinct musical experience to your ears.

Design that makes you remember rock legends

We all can see in our eyes the big amplifier stacks in the backstage of a Jimmy Hendricks performance. That’s iconic look is somewhat transferred to the new Marshall headphones coming with pebbled imitation leather and coiled cables. The flexible travel case with its bold look just makes us remember those amplifier sets of 70’s. The famous Marshall heritage look is evident through and through with this headphone set.

The carry case is entirely made of the pebbled black imitation leather with a bit of padding and inside lining of red felt. This styling is further added to the 3.5mm-to-3.5mm coiled cables which are probably inspired by the classic coiled leads of the guitar in 60’s. To complete this styling, there is also a right-angled, gold plated jack placed on the end of the phone. The headband is very close fitting, though it leaves no room for discomfort. It is designed to wear for extended hours of listening without feeling slightest discomfort.

Very user-friendly buttons

One of the most important aspects that deserve mention is the user-friendly button design. The most frequently needed button stays on the left earcup, and it works more like the flattened multi-directional joystick that can be used to play and pause music, or just long-press for switching off headphones or turning it on. By turning the same in different directions like towards up, down, left and right the user can adjust the volume and change tracks. The second button placed right on the right earcup works more like a simple switch for activating and deactivating the ANC feature.

Robust sound output with no distraction

The speaker comes with custom-tuned 40mm drivers with 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range. Just like the original Marshall Mid headphones launched sometimes back this value-added 2018 model also offers impressive sound output. For a small headphone system like this, the sound output seems to be more than satisfactory.

Obviously, the bass and mid tones are given more preference but that doesn’t interfere with the clear listening of every little sound and vocals. It comes with very detailed sound while not losing the warmth and robustness of sound.

Marshall Mid ANC, the ultimate value addition

The ultimate feature that makes this headphone stand out from its predecessor is the Marshall Mid ANC which refers to very advanced active noise-cancelling technology. Unlike most headphones which claim to offer noise cancelling this headphone does his job of dropping background noise quite well. It makes a huge difference when listening music on the go. There is just a standalone physical switch to switch on or off this ANC feature.

Round the clock playback without interruption

When the ANC is turned on you can play music for 20+ hours without a minute of interruption. Without ANC you can enjoy up to 30 hours of music playing. This is really awesome time for both modes, with or without ANC. The battery life is only comparable to few products in the closest range. Especially with ANC on, it lasts longer than any other Bluetooth speakers in the market.

Bluetooth connectivity

When you test the headphone with a handful of other phones, the Bluetooth works really well. There is no problem concerning consistency and uninterrupted music listening experience with all branded phones. With Android phones, you can further get the help from the active aptX support while with iPhones in spite of the absence of this it works in an equally impressive way.


With a price tag of just $239, it is not too expensive when compared with many other headphones with noise cancellation feature. But it is not cheap either.

The final verdict

Marshall Mid ANC just offers all the goodness of its 2017 version with the only major value addition of active noise cancellation feature. Apart from the sound output and great ease with buttons, it takes the design inspiration from Marshall’s well-known lineage of accompanying rockstars on stage. The sophisticated rockstar-inspired design innovation makes a big reason to love this headphone.