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LucidCatcher: A VR Dreaming Wearable


VR is an entertainment and study so nowadays no surprise we are massively following this new trend. What if you can take your VR experience in the dream and keep doing what matters the most for each of us?

Luciding is a tech company pioneering dream VR with its wearable technology, recently relocated to San Francisco.

TDCS Technology.

Its LucidCatcher headband uses low-powered electrical pulses, TDCS technology (transcranial direct current stimulation), to provoke a higher state of consciousness but during REM sleep, which results in an easier defining a dream from reality also known as lucid dreaming.

Luciding combined lucid dreaming with VR for spreading out this phenomenon of conscious sleep among people.

The working.

LucidCatcher uses brain wave sync setups to tune your mind during REM phase of sleep. When it happens in a dream, your mind awakens while the body is asleep and a person can find himself in a dream while dreaming. LucidCatcher is a wearable device combining advanced sensor technology found only in sleep labs to track and analyze brainwaves in real-time. At distinct moments in a sleep cycle, it uses neuromodulation that allows you to understand that you are dreaming.

The pulses are delivered through dry electrodes made of conductive fabric-like mesh. Their use does not require any special skills or additional care. The headband has a slim and soft construction made of hypoallergenic materials in order to guarantee maximum ergonomic comfort during sleep.

LucidCatcher is changing your brain frequency to the higher attention. When it happens in a dream, you are highly alert to last memories before you fall asleep. Mind recreates the VR Experience inside of the dream the same way as it recreates a highly emotional day memories during usual dreams.

How does it work?

  1. Before you go to sleep – choose the plot of your dream. You can find inspiration in a Dream Journey app or VR Experience.
  2. Find yourself immersed into dreaming experience! You will understand that everything around you – is a dream, in a moment when you have REM phase.
  3. When you wake up – turn on LucidCatcher’s Wi-Fi with a press of one button, enter into the app, and you are all set!
  4. Track your Dream Journeys – phases, count of dreams and length of experience; sensors cleanness and battery level. Or switch to the daily mode.
  5. You can use LucidCatcher during the day – meditate, take a nap or study. Choose a mode in app – and complement your practice with brain entrainment!

During latest in-house tests in California, Luciding found LucidCatcher’s correlation with VR experience. People immersed into the world of Virtual Reality demos while being asleep with the wearable headband. People could easily replicate similar to what they had in VR demo in their dream. We believe VR is an excellent way to comprehension of how you can interact in your conscious dream and want to benefit people from VR and dream.

Developed alongside with a Novosibirsk State University, “MIT” equivalent for Russia, Siberia its harmless stimulation facilitates a switch from deep sleep to REM sleep. The results bring a clearer perception of the difference between dream and reality, a state also known as lucid dreaming.

Different from a led-light shedding masks which aim is to train determine to be lucid, LucidCatcher slightly encourages the brain to activate frequencies resembled those occur during meditation.

Currently on Kickstarter.

The company is currently raising money on Kickstarter platform to complete a consumer
product, before that, a number of prototypes were released for public beta.