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Lightors – The World’s First USB Rechargeable Batteries


With technology making headways in every industry, we are constantly surrounded by a gamut of technological devices that need a long-lasting battery to run. While our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can be charged through a power supply, other gadgets like our cameras, flashlights, computer mouse, keyboards, remote controls, and clocks require AA or AAA batteries in order to function. Running out of batteries has been a cause for worry for years, till the concept of rechargeable batteries came into the picture. However, even with rechargeable batteries, the problem of carrying a bulky charger on every vacation or outing has been plaguing.

Introducing Lightors

In order to solve the impending problem of battery outage, a new set of rechargeable batteries has been launched. Christened Lightors, they are the world’s first USB rechargeable batteries. It incorporates a micro-USB port for easy and convenient charging.

Unbeaten Features

  • By uncovering the silicone lid on the side of Lightors, users can plug in the USB cable and connect their batteries to their laptop or power supply.
  • The micro 5-pin charging port supports easy and efficient charging.
  • The LED indicator on the batteries indicates a red light when the Lightors are charging and a blue light when they are fully charged.
  • Each battery takes about 3 hours to get fully charged through the USB port.
  • It can be charged in a car, through a smartphone charger or a portable battery.
  • Lightors are the size of normal AA and AAA batteries and hence can be used in a variety of devices.
  • Each AA battery is of 1500mAh and AAA battery is of 600mAh.

Can be Used Over 500 Times

They are smart, rechargeable batteries that can be used over 500 times, thus helping people save the cost of up to 500 batteries. People no longer need to throw away single use batteries and can help reduce environmental pollution. Once the batteries run out of charge, they simply have to plug Lightors into an existing 5-pin micro USB cable and charge them. Also, unlike other traditional batteries, Lightors do not need an exclusive charger in order to charge them. Micro-USB cables can be seamlessly used to charge Lightors.

Launched on Kickstarter

Lightors was launched on Kickstarter on 11th February 2015 and raised over $69,170 by 2,400 people. By early September, shipping of Lightors had begun. Lightors are available in combination packs, ranging from $14 for a 2 pack AAA batteries plus a USB cable to $160 for a 10 pack AA batteries plus a 10 pack AAA batteries plus a USB cable.

About the Makers

It is a young company that contributes to the development and distribution of eco-friendly products in order to make the world a better place. By putting in effort in making innovative and life-changing products, Lightors aims to create a more convenient, comfortable and sustainable world. Lightors was recognized as a Hi-Seoul brand company by being a promising company by the city of Seoul.

Towards a Green Environment

While Lightors overcome the perennial issue surrounding battery life, by providing a quick and easy mechanism to charge them over and over again, they also greatly reduce the amount of hazardous waste being generated around the world. As there are an assortment of devices in our daily lives that need batteries to run, imagine the amount of hazardous waste that every individual household is contributing to in the world. According to Lightors, the number is a whopping 10 million batteries a year! It helps in keeping the environment safe, and simultaneously enable us to enjoy the perks of various battery-operated devices around us.