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Kul-U Pocket – A Pocket Sized Air Conditioning Unit


Businessmen/women, police officers, firefighters, clergy, or anyone forced to wear more than shorts and a tee shirt during the upcoming summer season know, all too well, how miserable it can be when your job forces you to wear a suit or uniform on a daily basis. One might ask, is it possible to create an air conditioner that is quiet, lightweight, and portable enough to be worn inside one’s clothing? This is the challenge that the father and son duo, Mike and Caden, took on when creating their product, the Kul-U (pronounced “Cool You”) Pocket. It is the world’s first air conditioning unit designed specifically to fit in your suit coat pocket, but also fits nicely in your shirt pocket, your pants pocket, your blazer pocket or even clipped to your belt.

Kul-U Pocket

Has a Real Cooling Punch.

Caden and Mike paraded around with numerous different prototypes and designs in their pockets for nearly a year trying to come up with one that was just right. They wanted a device that was big enough to pack some real cooling punch yet small to disappear inside your suit pocket; in other words powerful enough to remove you from that blanket of hot air in your suit, yet quiet enough to take into that meeting with your boss.

Compact in Size.

This goldilocks zone proved to be quite elusive but they finally found it and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund it. They met not only their goal but a stretch goal as well. This mini air conditioning unit, called the Kul-u Pocket, measures 7 by 3 inches and is a little over 1 inch thick. Holding it in your hand, you may think it is a TI-84 calculator, but once you turn it on, you quickly realize the device is not for adding numbers, it only lowers them – a temperature that is.

Here is a List of The Feature They Packed Into This Small Device.

  • Variable Fan speed control
  • Adjustable air direction
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Removable belt clip
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Soft touch case
  • Removable cooling unit

The Cool Pack.

The secret to the Kul-U Pocket’s vast cooling capacity is it’s specially designed to cool pack. It can be removed from the unit, and placed in the freezer. Once the cool pack is frozen and replaced inside the unit, it is ready to offer 2 to 6 hours of blissful cooling to its user. The air is cooled as it travels around the cool pack and circulated inside your clothing. It has been shown to drop air temperature by up to15 degrees inside your jacket.

Keeps You Comfortable and Saves Energy.

Settling disputes about where the thermostat should be set can be a challenging task in any home or office, as clothing, body mass, and activities will vary greatly with each individual. Can we really expect women wearing thin skirts to need as much AC as a guy clad in a suit and tie? It has never been so. We finally have the answer; set the building to a nice, eco-friendly temperature and cool the hot guys down with, none other than, the Kul-U Pocket. It keeps everyone comfortable and saves energy at the same time – everyone wins.

Technical specification of Kul-u

Kul-U pocket offers quiet, portable, and lightweight air conditioning indoors and outdoors. So if you are a guy/girl who will be wearing more than you want to this summer, Kul-U invites you to try their product. To learn more visit them at their website: