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Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera: Instant Photography Simplified


Taking instant shots and being able to shell out lucid prints is a fun everyone of us is fond of. Instant cameras offered us this flexibility and ease while taking sharp and fine prints. Earlier we had come across several such mini shot cameras with instant print capability. Compact size, easy to use features and lucid connectivity is some of the areas of strength that make us fond of these photo shooting devices. Well, Kodak Mini Shot has all these capabilities of a super cool instant camera.

Kodak just expanded its lineup with some cool instant photography cameras. Kodak already introduced its instant camera and now came up with the new KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera. This is a point-and-shoot camera equipped with great connectivity features besides offering instant color printing. If instant photography as she has already gained immense popularity for some time Kodak just joined the bandwagon with a new product.

The Highlights Of Kodak Mini Shot

Apart from the regular features of instant cameras, new KODAK Mini Shot offers an array of digital functionalities like Bluetooth connectivity, color controls, filter effects, etc. It is also a great camera as far as high-quality image processing and printing capabilities are concerned. By using dye-sublimation technology it can deliver awesomely crisp and detailed instant photo prints. The compact design makes it further ideal for photography anytime, anywhere.

  • Let us have a look at the key highlights and functionalities of the KODAK Mini Shot Camera.
  • It offers up to 10-megapixel resolution
  • It boasts of a 1.7” LCD viewfinder for taking a look at the photos before giving command for prints
  • It offers features like Auto Focus, Exposure, White Balance and Gamma Color Control
  • For connectivity, it is equipped with Bluetooth
  • It supports both iOS and Android devices
  • There is free KODAK Mini Shot App available for both iOS and Android and it can be used for adding filters and using effects
  • It delivers photo prints with and without border
  • You can print photos in two sizes, respectively as credit card-size(2.1”x3.4”) and square size(2.1”x2.1”).
  • Each print comes with an extra protective layer to help to maintain image quality and integrity of color.
  • It offers high-quality photo prints that remain waterproof as well as fingerprint-proof.
  • The camera holds an all-in-one ink and paper cartridge for photo prints
  • The Kodak Mini Shot is available in three colors, respectively as black, white and yellow

Mini Shot vs Printomatic

Kodak has earlier came with the cheapest instant camera which costs only $70. Yes, Kodak Printomatic as of now stands as one of the most inexpensive digital instant cameras available on the market. Kodak by adding a lot of digital capabilities and features came up with Mini Shot. In that regard, Kodak Mini Shot is a more compact and feature-rich digital camera with a built-in printer compared to the budget option of Printomatic. Unlike Printomatic Mini, Shot offers a LCD screen as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

When it comes to the resolution of the sensor, both Printomatic and the Mini Shot offers a 10-megapixel digital sensor. But as for cartridge and paper, Mini Shot uses an improved type of all in one ink-cartridge-free paper that can deliver two different sizes of photo prints. A new dye-sublimation technology which uses the heat to activate the colors in the paper is used by Mini Shot. Just with a little extra price amounting only $30 the Mini Shot offers a few extra features and hardware capacities including a 1.7-inch LCD screen for previewing.

Bluetooth Connectivity And Free App

The camera comes with Bluetooth connectivity that helps users transferring their photos to a connected smartphone for the sake of saving them or editing the photos with filters and effects through the free Mini Shot App. Thanks to the app, you can make use of the smartphone as a separate shutter to capture group shots. You can also save your captured shots there as a mini photo vault for further access.


As an instant camera with improved connectivity and digital features KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera is rather priced quite affordable and is available at $99.99 on Amazon.

Final Verdict

KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera is probably the best instant camera with all features and digital capabilities. It is also a fully equipped instant camera with a truly affordable price tag. A nice option indeed for creating instant colorful memories in print.