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Knocki – A Breakthrough Technology to Transform Any Surface into Remote Control


Technology is increasingly making our lives easier. But, with so many mobile apps, smart gadgets, and devices the maze of technology and interfaces is sometimes felt as truly overwhelming. Well, in spite of the ease and value they add to our life, we often experience technology in a dispersed and fragmented manner. To end it with an innovative solution, at least in our home, we finally have a smart remote control technology called Knocki.

Yes, Knocki provides the simplest, intuitive, and most intelligent way to take control of your home gadgets and the environment. We guarantee you have never seen anything like this before. Knocki is presently going through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo where it received unparalleled response collecting 3270% funds against the target as of last month.

What is Knocki?

Knocki is basically a small round-shaped wireless device that can transform any ordinary surfaces like doors, walls, tables, furniture tops, countertops, etc. into remotes to control your home gadgets and interfaces. The result is obviously stunning like knocking on your drawing room table to book an Uber ride or knocking on your door to switch on the light.

How does it work?

It works surprisingly easy. When you place the Knocki behind or under a surface like tabletop, doors, wall, etc. any tapping on the surface is sensed by the device accelerometer and direct the respective app to take certain actions. Rest is just like the way any smart home app works. In this way, a tap on the table can switch on the light, detect your phone with a ring or can switch on the television. The tap must be audible to your own ears to make Knocki respond.

  • A single Knocki can respond to as much as 10 unique gestures and thus can turn a surface into a fully equipped remote control.
  • Each gesture can either lead to a single¬†action or a batch of actions.

Where can you put Knocki?

To give surface remote control ability you can put this device on, behind or under it. For instance, you can attach it to walls, behind the door, under the tables, behind your nightstand, etc.

It has a special mount with SurfaceLink technology allowing close connection with the surface to catch and transmit signals. To make the attachment of the mount further secure you can use screws or 3M removable tape which are included with the pack.

How can you find it useful?

Finally, when it comes to use cases or the way you can find it useful, a whole diversity of controls for home gadgets and other devices can be referred to.

  • You can tap on your table fitted with Knocki to switch on or off any home device capable of connecting.
  • People with problems of vision or hearing can particularly be benefited to take control of their surroundings.
  • Just with a tap, your Knocki can find out your mobile phone or other devices that you were struggling to find.
  • With remote taps, you can control an app to call for a cab or ring an alarm or shut down the device.

How to set it up?

It takes not more than just a few minutes to set up your Knocki. All you need is to connect the device to your WiFi network and then linking all the gadgets and devices using the connected Knocki app.

Now after mounting the device on or under a surface, define the gestures for each action or gesture for multiple actions. The companion app will guide you doing this. Most important of all, even if your phone is turned off, it will keep on working via WiFi.

What do you get with each Knocki?

Each pack of Knocki when delivered comes with the following attributes.

  • Surface mount to mount Knocki to a surface.
  • 3M tape to attach the mount to a surface where needed.
  • AAA Duracell batteries offer 12 months of uninterrupted battery life.
  • A free Companion App for both iOS & Android to setup the device.
  • A quick setup guide.

Price and availability

Knocki comes with a retail price of $129, and the device is going to be shipped from December, this year. With the crowdfunding campaign became tremendously successful, most early bird offerings have already become scarce now.