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Klever X – A Range of Smooth and Noise Free Bikes

Klever X

Germany-based Klever Mobility released its S25 and B25 bikes at Eurobike 2013. Klever took a lot of awards home for its bikes i.e. S25 and B25. The company is back with the most compelling electric bike design. Klever recently launched the Klever X series at Eurobike 2016. This time, Klever ditched the basic diamond frame and created a distinctive pentagonal design for both male and female drivers.

What is Klever X?

Klever X is a series of e-bikes. The four versions in Klever X are X Commuter, X Raw, X Limited Edition, and X Speed. The Klever e-bikes are equipped with the Biactron motor system in combination with Klever’s own engineering know-how. The X series of Klever features a smooth riding system which gives the user the best cycling experience.

Versions in the X Series

  • X Commuter: The Commuter has a 250W motor, Shimano 10sp, hydraulic disc brakes, rear rack, and 27.5-inch wheels.
  • X Raw: The X Raw is a single speed option with a 250W motor and LCD Bluetooth display.
  • X Limited Edition: The Limited Edition has a smaller 250W motor that pushes the e-bike up to 15.5 mph. But it includes a substantial battery pack for a range of 40 to 62 miles and other upgraded features like Shimano new XT Di2 electronic shifting.
  • X Speed: With an 11-speed with a 600-watt motor capable of reaching speeds up to 28mph within the range of 18 to 43 miles, Speed is the fastest bike in the group.

Distinctive Design

The design and style of the bike is minimalist, yet powerful and quiet. All the four versions of the bike include an electronic motor lock, an electronic alarm, a 2.2-inch battery-ready LCD screen, a companion app, 27.5-inch wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes. The brake cables, gear cables, and electronics are installed entirely within the stem and frame of the bike. The bikes have a curved top tube and a unisex frame design. The bikes have a clean and sleek appearance and come with a Bluetooth-enabled display.

Striking Features

  1. BIACTRON System: The Biactron system helps the bike to move fast and to be silent. The rear direct drive motor offers smoother and quieter power. It has heat managing systems that keep the engine bay under control.
  2. Battery: The battery of Klever is said to be the key feature of the bike. The loop frame integrates the battery within its structure. The curved top tube creates a unisex frame design with reduced step-over height.
  3. Low Noise: The Klever X is among the quietest bikes in the market, with its noise level under 50 dB. The outcome is smooth, silent ride sensation.
  4. LCD Display: You can install customized ride profiles, from gentle and energy-saving to high power and dynamic, with the help of Bluetooth enabled LCD display.
  5. Alarm & Coding: Another key feature of this bike is the electronic anti-theft function with alarm and digital bike coding, which links each pedelec, each lock, and each control console to its owner using an electronic serial number.
  6. App: You can connect your iPhone using the Klever Connect App.


The retail price of the bikes will range between €3000 & €5000. The X Speed is available at €4,899 and the X Limited Edition is priced at €4,999. The other two options i.e. X Raw and X Commuter are available at €3,299 & €3,599 respectively.


The X series by Klever is a great attempt in the market of e-bikes. These bikes look stylish, with a minimalistic design and runs smoothly without any noise.