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Kano Launches a DIY Computer Kit that Helps you Create Games!

Kano DIY Computer Kit

Can computers be really simple to use? Now Kano, a London-based company does believe in it and with their new DIY computer that will provide its users with some playing sense and exploration with an appearance of a black box. Attracting attention from Kickstarter, it has raised more than $460,000, nearly five times its need.

The Kano Computer Kit includes a Raspberry Pi Model B board, a speaker, keyboard, cables, and decorative stickers. The monitor is not included with the kit. The kit can be assembled easily within half an hour after which users can actually develop basic games like Pong and Snake, set up the speaker, and even modify complex Minecraft games using Kano OS, a Linux-based programming interface.

Kano is designed to challenge computer devices in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin, with more languages on the way as the company is trying to develop a comprehensive global computing project.

The Vision Behind Kano

  • Kano had launched a drool-worthy kit in 2013 itself that can help kids of any age to build their own computers in the most basic sense. The original had a well-designed kit with the help of an uncluttered keyboard, simple wiring and a Raspberry Pi for powering all the learn-to-code activities.
  • Since the kit does not have a dedicated screen, it sports an HDMI cable that lets you connect to a monitor keeping the prices down below $100. Now the company has added a 10.1-inch LCD screen that can be hooked to the Raspberry Pi.
  • The device is made as a learning tool to encourage users to plug the Kano to a display and know the process. By building the whole system, users get the benefit of taking control while playing. The screen completed the system out of modular Kano parts.
  • The team behind Kano wanted to demystify code with the help of the operating system and get kids to understand technology better. Letting kids work around hardware and then coding in the computer makes the process easier. Kids love to learn the fundamental basics starting with how to build a computer and would not delve into research to know more about the best programming language for building a website.

How to Use Kano?

Kids have to perform basic assembly procedures before using the device. They have to attach wafer cables and different button boards in the driver board. The users can zoom into the pixels and learn how the screen has more pixels than they can count. A short narrative will show how the screen has millions of pixels that would be made clear with a simple demonstration.

Kano is now a complete computer that can be assembled by kids aged between 6 and 12. It can be made with plug-and-play pieces; used to craft music and artworks with the help of code; and even create games and code worlds.

An intro the programming languages like Python and Javascript is given as part of the kit wherein the kids will learn about it through Kano Blocks building Minecraft and Pong and even understand Linux by making Snake.

The entire Kano Kit includes 11 diverse plug-and-play components that includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Multi-touch trackpad
  • A DIY speaker
  • Power cables and HDMI cables
  • Wi-Fi dongle, Kano OS stored in a 8GB Memory Card
  • USB power supply
  • Story books: “Make a computer” and “Code powers”
  • 4 different sheets of stickers
  • Some case cards

The Kano Computer Kit works with almost any TV or Monitor with the help of HDMI cables although there is a Screen Kit that is released. It shows kids how the display works and how it is portable

Having optimized the operating system, now it is even 6 times faster than any of the previous versions. So it is time to grab it for $99 today!