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Jolt eBike: A Feature Rich Foldable E-bike for City Commuters

Jolt e Bike

Are you an aficionado for electric bikes? Are you looking for some entry level marvels in the popular electric bike market? Are you looking for something new and exceptionally innovative? Well, in all such cases the electric folding bike Jolt bicycle has all the ingredients to amaze you. As far as the price tag goes the price tag may sound like awkward affordable but nevertheless, it does not compromise with the quality just because of offering something cheaper. It is highly affordable but it offers all the things that make a stunning folding e-bike.

How Competitive Is It In Pricing?

It is a fact that for most buyers, the expectation for an e-bike generally revolves around $1,000 to $2,000 price tag. There is no surprise in the fact that there is the overwhelming popularity of electric bikes available within this range and there are several really affordable ones well within just the $1,000 range. While such price tags do not come without the guarantee of great quality, Jolt comes with a whopping affordable price of $599 now thanks to its Indiegogo campaign.

The Indiegogo campaign even allows you snatch a new basic level Jolt just for $499 now. To surprise you, when the product would be available on the market it would is expected to do a price tag of $1,999. So, it is a truly competitive deal on offer.

Jolt Folding E-Bike: How Revealing It Is?

Folding bikes have already grabbed a niche place with huge popularity all around. There are plenty of them on the market but not each one is equally enthralling. The latest one is this Jolt e-bike which seems sophisticated and built for optimum ease while driving or carrying along as a foldable bike. It is technically superb and designed for ultimate portability and moving your head around in an already crowded e-bike market you cannot find too many credible competitors of Jolt.

Folding Jolt Bicycle: Technically Superb

Jolt e-bike comes loaded with the 36V LG battery pack parked inside the frame. It flaunts a rear side 350W electric motor and boasts of a good range of 30 miles. It is also equipped with the pedal assist mode allowing a much higher range of about 50 miles. It is also loaded with one of the most popular e-bikes features called all-electric throttle mode which gives you an ideal ride for hot weather riding.

The bike comes in three different colors such as white, black and blue, and all the ride information is visible on an LCD screen. You also have a 7-speed Shimano gear system along with rim brakes which is clearly a rare thing within this price range.

For Whom Jolt E-Bike Just Fits Right?

Folding electric bikes have already a niche market presence as they are nice options for city dwellers with a limited floor space. It is an ideal vehicle for regular commuters who need to face hazards in parking their bike in a busy marketplace. It is also ideal for riders of the yacht who often feel the necessity of some quick last mile riding solution.

Strong, Durable, Portable and Lightweight

Jolt eBike can go up a speed of 20 miles per hour while featuring all-terrain tires along with the LG li-ion battery. The eBike looks similar to the size of an aluminum folding bike though in this case you a lighter bike weight to deal with. The LG battery is built right inside the frame. The best part is you can fold the entire bike as quickly as within just 20 seconds and it remains fairly adjustable to all heights of the riders.

A Successful Indiegogo Campaign

Jolt e-bike has already undergone a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign raising over $96,000 while the company had only an initial target of $50,000. The e-bike is supposed to be shipped from April next year except for the US where e-bikes are still not permitted.

Final Verdict

E-bike will obviously help us creating a better planet with least environmental pollution while offering all the advantages of zero fuel concern bike riding in any environment. On top of that, foldable bikes with their portable built will always make a good choice for commuters with less space for parking. Jolt e-bike is the latest value addition to this burgeoning e-bike market.