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Jolla Tablet : Introducing Sailfish OS 2.0

Jolla Tablet

If you think that your iPad mini is the best tablet in the world because it comes from the most technologically advanced company in the world – Apple Inc. you might be mistaken for all you have seen what Apple can do with Technology. Now, it is high time you notice other tablet makers around the world coming up with even better ideas and that too at human affordable prices and it makes me happy when I come across these out-of-the world products and one such product Jolla Tablet.

iPad mini has tough competition with not only the hardware but in the software department too, as Jolla uses Sailfish OS 2.0 which will directly be compared to the most used operating systems in the world, namely iOS and Android.

Jolla Tablet

Jolla started a small crowdfunding campaign for their project – a new tablet to eventually work on their own Sailfish OS to the next level and it will change the company’s fortunes for good if Jolla Tablet works, more importantly if Sailfish OS 2.0’s acceptance is important. Finnish startup Jolla introduced a smartphone last year and they have been burning the midnight oil in launching nine updates, 350 more features and 13,000 bugs solved since Jolla’s software launch. This is remarkable and more prominent in gaining the trust of financers around the world for the Jolla Tablet.

Features of Jolla Tablet

The Jolla Tablet is in many ways similar to Nokia’s N1 tablet with a 7.9 inch display with 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. It is powered by quad-core Intel processor, 2GB of RAM and 32 GB storage capacity which is not at all bad to start with. Though it is not as thin as we would expect it to be and even lacks the aluminium casing, but at the same time it is far cheaper and can even run your Android apps, what else do you want? According to Marc Dillon, Jolla’s tablet will be offering “The world’s best, state of the art multitasking experience”.

The Jolla Tablet currently under Crowdfunding is priced at a meagre price of $249 ( come on guys you don’t get a whole hardware and software experience at this price) and maybe this price has more to do with getting accepted by the users who are currently hooked to their iPads and other Android tablets. Who knows Sailfish OS might be the next OS and that will be a big breakthrough for the Finnish startup.

What else you need to know about Jolla Tablet?

Microsoft’s Snap view in Windows and Samsung’s Multi Window feature on Android devices already have the function of running multiple apps and allow multitasking on Android tablets, but Jolla just want to be better than all other devices. Jolla sees that switching tasks is the primary thing we would like to do with our devices and they want to make our experience better.

Jolla took to Indiegogo for funding and distributing the tablet, on Indiegogo the tablet is priced at $189 for the first 1,000 backers and $199 for the successive 1,000 backers. We soon to see Jolla Tablets in a store near us and wait to see the performance of the Sailfish OS 2.0.