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Joe’s Hello Jeans – Now Charge your Phone through your Jeans

Joe's Hello Jeans

Technological advances are happening with the blink of an eye. Smartphones are no longer just a medium for communication; they have become an indispensable part of our lives, making people perform all their day to day tasks. Excellent 3G connectivity has resulted in an easy life for people, allowing them to make the most of their phones on the go.

Smart technology has brought unthinkable possibilities to life. While smartwatches began the trend, several smart wearables like Smart Glass and Smart Wallets soon flooded the market. Smart Clothing has already been around for a while, with Google having launched a conductive yarn that enables people to perform basic smart phone functions. And to keep up with innovations in Smart Clothing, California based Joe’s Jeans has launched a range of jeans that can charge people’s phones.

Say Hello to Joe’s Hello Jeans

With people using their phones for practically everything, battery drainage is an obvious problem. Imagine if you could carry a battery in your clothing that keeps your phone fully charged all day long? With Joe’s new range of Hello Jeans, this is now possible. Hello Jeans is a sleek and stylish way to stay connected around the clock. It enables people to charge their phones through their jeans. A waistline compartment houses the battery, which when connected to a phone in the hidden back pocket allows people to enjoy full power on their mobile phones.

How the Phone Charging Works

Hello Jeans allows people to make a fashion statement and at the same time charge their phones too. Users can easily charge their phones by:

  • Sliding the battery into the battery pocket and connecting it to the power cord
  • Placing the phone into the secret back pocket
  • Connecting the phone to the battery with the plug
  • Turning the power button on and charge your phone instantly

Excellent Features

  • Extends battery life of phones while on the go
  • Sleek and stylish design of jeans
  • Back pocket specifically designed for iPhones
  • Protection system prevents over charging and under charging
  • LED battery level monitoring system
  • Charges an iPhone 5 up to 80% and an iPhone 6 up to 70%

Grab your Pair Today

Hello Jeans has launched a range of women only jeans. They are currently available in 4 different styles namely Regan, Aria, Cecily and Kalia and are priced at $189. The custom battery costs another $49. As of now the jeans can charge only iPhones 5 and above. However, in the future, Joe’s Jeans plans to launch a range of Hello Jeans with different styles, colours, fits and prints for a variety of devices.

Bottom Line

Wearable technology is changing how we live our day to day lives. With the gamut of benefits that Smart Technology offers, it is slowly enabling people to create a distinct identity of their own. With jeans being a popular piece of clothing, Hello Jeans has already excited the minds of many. By allowing people to have full battery on their iPhones, Hello Jeans is set to bring about a revolution in the wearable technology market.