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IntelliPLUG: A Tiny, Affordable Plug That Automates Your Home


A new smart plug is out in the market. The Cnct IntelliPlug is setting the standard for the smart plug industry. IntelliPLUG is a sleek, affordable, wi-fi enabled smart plug that allows you to control your lights, appliances & any “plugged-in” device directly from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world. Through the app you can turn on/off plugs, set timers and schedule plugs to turn on & off automatically.

Modest Design and Easy Setup.

The Cnct IntelliPlug comes with an unobtrusive design and easy setup. This device is compatible with the Amazon Echo line for voice control. It includes a countdown timer, scheduling functions, and remote control. It doesn’t boast the rich features of pricier devices. But the Cnct IntelliPlug is the best affordable plug you’ll find right now in the market.

Tiny Is Size.

The Cnct IntelliPlug’s claim to fame is its size. It is much smaller than the competition. Its tiny design doesn’t entirely avoid blocking other outlets, as its rounded edges can get in the way of some oddly shaped plugs. But you’ll likely blame the oddly shaped plug more than the IntelliPlug when you run into problems.

Great Features.

An outstanding feature of the IntelliPlug is the countdown timer. A surprising number of smart plugs don’t include a countdown timer. The timer allows a little more flexibility than simple scheduling. You can set a function to run, say, 10 minutes from now, and stop 30 minutes after that. All this without having to check the time of day at all.

The rest of the features work reliably (although the smart charging feature is really unnecessary, as most smartphones regulate overcharging themselves now). The biggest features missing are the integrations — particularly with HomeKit and IFTTT. These two integrations allow for much better cooperation between devices, which makes smart homes really smart. And right now, device cooperation isn’t really possible with the IntelliPlug.

The IntelliPlug App.

The intelliPlug’s mobile application is available on Android and iOS. It will supposedly let users do even more with the plug. In addition to being able to tell it to turn on and off, users will be able to set schedules, times etc. It will even enable a smart charge feature. The feature turns the switch off when it detects that the item plugged into it (like a phone) is fully charged.


The $20 dollar price tag is the lowest you will see in the industry. But at $20, mundane uses like these start seeming like decent investments. The Cnct IntelliPlug is the smallest smart plug around, and it has the smallest price tag for its respectable suite features. Sure, it won’t perform the functions of pricier competitors, and it needs more integrations before becoming the best smart plug on the market across all price categories. But for now, this is certainly the best affordable smart plug money can buy.

The Verdict.

The Cnct IntelliPlug is cheap and small. It has a good number of features, including Alexa voice control. The plug’s design isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t integrate with many larger smart home platforms. This is the best affordable smart plug. The device is reliable and modest. It has solid core features. It isn’t as feature-rich as more expensive options, and it doesn’t integrate with enough platforms, but for the price, it’s a great buy. The Cnct IntelliPlug is available for pre-order on Indiegogo now. The developer plans to ship units as early as July.