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InkCase – A Protective Smartphone Case That Doubles Up As A Second Screen


With the success of smartphones, the smartphone accessory market is also flourishing. In order to make the smartphone experience more delightful, there are a large number of companies who are launching innovative and user-friendly smartphone accessories that aim to make smartphone usage more convenient and enjoyable.

Introducing InkCase

Singapore based technology product company Oaxis has released a modern smartphone accessory called InkCase. InkCase is essentially a smartphone case but also functions as a second screen. Made from durable dual-moulded polycarbonate exterior, InkCase provides complete protection to a smartphone. It is specially designed for certain popular smartphones such that all the buttons of the phone are easily usable. It can be easily attached to any smartphone and doubles up as a viewing screen with paper-like display that ensures users have a gratifying reading experience.

Oaxis – The Founding Company

Oaxis, an innovative consumer technology company, has many innovative products in its kitty. Its state-of-the-art product line includes Star-21, a fitness tracker, Vita, an intelligent water bottle that helps users stay hydrated, Glo, a smart Bluetooth enabled body analyzer, O2, a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor and Bento, a close contact induction stereo speaker.

How it Works

InkCase uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone and allows users to access the content of their phones without having to actually switch on the phone’s display. InkCase can be charged with the help of a micro USB cable. It incorporates an anti-glare feature that makes reading easy and convenient.

Remarkable Features

  • A smartphone case compatible with Android and iOS, InkCase displays user’s mobile screen at the back of the phone.
  • It works as a second screen to a smartphone, giving users the option to display a picture, weather forecast or even a to-do list.
  • InkCase is slim and light weight and has a low power consumption; it does not require power to maintain its on-screen display.
  • The special E-Paper technology allows users to read an entire eBook without hurting their eyes or draining their phone’s battery.
  • The paper-like display ensures users have an enjoyable reading experience.
  • Since it is always on, it ensures users do not miss out on any important emails or notifications.
  • Users can have their own personalized wallpapers and reveal their true identities.


InkCase has been designed to support iOS and Android devices. It is available for pre-order now. Currently it is available for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note II and a variety of other device users at a price of $90. When paired with FitCase, InkCase converts into a protective case as well as a second screen for a smartphone. The fact that it is detachable increases the usability of InkCase, it can be used with the FitCase or independently of it. Moreover, InkCase Plus acts as a stand-alone e-book reader and InkCase Now acts an info center that enables users to send push notifications, emails and weather updates from their smartphone.

The Bottom Line

While people have practically started living their lives on their phones, there are quite a few problems they encounter with excess usage of smartphones: a severe strain to their eyes plus the problem of low battery due to long durations of use. InkCase aims to overcome these issues by offering users a second screen to their phones, which makes reading easy and less strenuous. Additionally, since it works via Bluetooth technology and requires no power to function, it helps users save their phone’s battery. For the modern smartphone user, InkCase is the perfect accessory that not only protects the smartphone physically, but also ensures users have a gratifying smartphone experience.