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Hyperkin’s Smart Boy: Relive The Game Boy Experience

Hyperkin Smart Boy

Gaming has gone to a different level in the last few years with all those fancy high end gaming devices like Xbox, PS4 and now even games on Virtual Reality in Oculus Rift but you must admit that you miss your old Nintendo box, that small square piece was a source of unmatched fun in the previous years. Being joked as an April Fool’s joke when we first heard of Hyperkin’s Smart Boy but it is turning out to be a reality soon.

Hyperkin’s Smart Boy

Ever heard of Smart Boy? Or Hyperkin? Hyperkin an accessory manufacturer recently announced the Smart Boy on April Fool’s Day. And they got laughed at just like Amazon did for the Dash button for online shopping. The Smart Boy is ultimately a new age Game Boy compatible device for the iPhone 6 Plus( more smartphones will follow this list but initially it is just the iPhone 6). The concept of the Smart Boy is such that it will attach to the iPhone 6 Plus and turn the phone into a ready to play handheld gaming device which is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Colour cartridges.

The good about Hyperkin’s Smart Boy

Those dusty video game cartridges will now get a new life all thanks to Hyperkin. With the Smart Boy, you can do the unthinkable and turn your iPhone into a vintage handheld Game Boy console. The company announced that the smartphone attachment is still in development, Hyperkin will be releasing it in near future. They wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any game buff’s arsenal of devices. The Smart Boy is currently available in retro grey colour but they are planning to add more colours soon. It comes with an 8 way D -pad, two action buttons and start and select buttons so you can play your favourite games.

Why you should buy Hyperkin Smart Boy?

Hyperkin confirms the news that they leaked the concept to check the potential of Smart Boy in today’s world and they were happy to get the response that they achieved. And so the Smart Boy actually went into development for people who admired and loved the concept and were even inquiring about when the Smart Boy starts shipping. That’s one hell of a smart plan to introduce a product on April Fool’s Day to test so that if it doesn’t work they can always fall back. The design of the Smart Boy is not final yet but soon it will be finalised. Also, some features could be added or subtracted from the final product.

We are all excited for the Smart Boy to make it to stores so that we can get a hands on experience. For the moment, why don’t you look at the official website of Hyperkin.