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HTC U12 Plus Comes With New Ideas, But Misses The Mark

HTC U12 Plus

HTC U12 Plus sure has got conventional looks, so it looks like any other ordinary phone, but that’s probably the only conventional or ordinary thing about the phone. HTC U12 Plus has a completely new design. There are Pressure Sensitive buttons. It is a new touch feedback experience. There will be interactive edges, instead of buttons that allow you to do more things with one hand. It has also got the highest-rated dual camera setup. Also, the best audio on earbuds and speakers.

Pushing the limits of design

HTC U12 Plus’ design is an artistic representation of liquid surface featuring vibrant colors which you’ve never seen. You will now be able to admire the U12 Plus’ inner and outer beauty with Translucent Blue. The delicate color gradient with the translucent design gives you an intimate glimpse into the craftsmanship of the device.

Faster speeds

HTC U12 Plus comes with more memory and better connectivity for faster speeds. It features the latest Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform. It is also rated IP68 which means it is water and dust resistant. It comes with 6GB of RAM right out of the box. It provides full 4G/LTE support. The DCI-P3 ultra wide color gamut makes sure that the images and colors are rich and accurate.

Edge sense

The next generation of Edge Sense offers more useful features. Now it even knows which hand you are using. This truly gives you one-handed freedom for either hand. In addition to squeeze, there are new features like double tap and hold. These let you do things faster and better and with more one-handed convenience. Edge Sense 2 works in almost any app in the Google Play Store.

You can set Edge Sense 2 to zoom in on a map or play and pause music and many other things. You can access Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, with the help of always-on voice or by simply squeezing your phone. Squeeze helps you get things done faster. It allows people around the world use Accessibility Talk Back more easily.

Highest rated dual camera setup

HTC U12 Plus comes with the highest rated dual camera setup in the industry. It’s a camera that experts at DxOMark endorse. HTC U12 Plus delivers pictures with outstanding quality, thanks to the 4 cameras. It opens up whole new worlds for artistic creativity. There are dual primary cameras. One lens is 12 MP and the other is 16 MP. There are dual cameras in the front as well, and both are 8 MP lenses. The cameras are equipped with optical zoom and laser + full sensor PDAF.

Autofocus 2

The main camera has best in class UltraSpeed Autofocus 2. It allows unprecedented levels of details and clarity in almost any condition, even when the subject of your picture in on the move. There is also laser focus which lets you focus accurately especially when the lights are down. With the 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, you can capture the action and details like a pro.

Bokeh effect and HDR boost 2

HTC U12 Plus’ also offers Bokeh Effect. It gives out the most natural and captivating soft background effect yet. You can now get crisper and more detailed photos with less noise when the lights are down or glaring, thanks to the new HDR Boost 2. You can also add funny effects and playful AR stickers in real-time to your pictures and videos with the new Stickers feature.

Sonic zoom

The Sonic Zoom allows you to zoom in on a particular sound or voice in the scene. This improved version is almost 60% louder and 33% more focused sound than it is available in U11. Audio Boost raises all the voices and sounds without zooming in the video. You can also record immersive 3D audio. The one touch auto zoom lets you zoom smoothly on the scene. It comes with the best Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic Image Stabilization systems. You can record 1080p HD video at 240 frames per second.

Best BoomSound

HTC U12 Plus delivers sound like you’ve never heard before. It is the loudest, clearest and best BoomSound to date. The subtle woofer and tweeter separation design produce unheard of power and clarity. You get HTC USonic earbuds in the box which feature Advanced Active Noise Cancellation which works automatically. HTC U12 Plus is priced at $799.