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How International CES took us to the future of Technology

If you are an ardent fan of technology and gadget related stories then CES 2015 must have been the perfect event for you and for others who don’t know about CES but still like to follow Technology updates from the best in the business. We will throw some light on the happenings at the CES 2015 this year and we will be following this up with a few more articles daily categorically like 3D Printing, Mobile apps and hardware integration, wearables from different companies, Sony’s list of product launches and Apple Watch being the highlight of the event.

What is International CES?

For all you guys who are not aware about the event, International CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show organised by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is an International level Electronics and Trade Show which is believed to be the major attraction of major companies and big-wigs around the world. The show is organised every January at Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas. This show is not open to the general public and the members of Consumer Electronics Association are invited to this event along with the individuals with remarkable success in the field of technology. There was one more significant event COMDEX and once it was cancelled, CES became more prominent in the technology world.

History of CES

The CES event slates back to 1967, where it was first held in New York City and the first speaker of the event was Motorola chairman Bob Galvin among some 100 exhibitors from around the world and total of 17,500 technology enthusiasts from around the globe. From only 100 exhibitors to begin with CES has grown to the status where every individual in Technology and Electronics would love to associate with this prestigious event and this year CES saw a total of 160,498 exhibitors which is remarkable in itself.

Who were the major exhibitors of CES2015?

Some of the biggest exhibitors of CES2015 were Apple, Sony with their wearables, Dell XPS 13, Teddy the guardian, Misfit Bolt, iDevices Switch Home kit and all types of major home automation, Nokia 215, Oppo N3, Igoo Lamp, Magic Book, Blossom Smart Watering Controller and Lynx Smart Grill. Among these and other major exhibitors at the CES2015, Apple Watch stole the show and gave a surprise element to the audience in spite of officially launching the Apple Watch along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus later last year.

Did we notice something weird at CES2015?

Yes every technological advancement at the beginning is considered weird or stupid and name calling has always been the scenario even with major products. 3D printing is on the rise recently and there is one such product 3Doodler which was something weird. This year, the founders of 3Doodler which is the best selling 3D printing device till now attended the event and they were up with their new product launch and announcement of their plans in the coming year. Blossom is one more such company and they launched a Smart Watering Controller for smart homes. It is a kind of sprinkler that uses water according to the temperature, weather and the plant needs and they also integrated Wi-Fi with the system.

We will be writing about major innovations in all types of technologies like 3D printing, Mobile apps and softwares, Wearable technology, fitness trackers, home automations, self driving cars, Water saving gadgets, eco-friendly gadgets and many more. Watch out this space for more updates daily and you will be amazed from more news from CES2015 which will blow your mind. If you want us to particularly cover some section in our blog, please mention it in the comments section below and we would be happy to oblige.

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