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HiSmart – The Hi-tech Bagpack that you will Love!


Smartwatches can help you dial a number or check messages especially if your phone is stuck in your bag. But Lepow, the creator of the HiSmart Pack, has now introduced bag itself could sync with your phone! The HiSmart Pack is a combination backpack and messenger bag that sports a waterproof canvas body and a leather strap. The metal wheel embedded on the leather strap is the real draw since it acts as a simple control system connected with your phone. If the wheel is connected via Bluetooth with a microphone fit into the connected jack, the bag will vibrate to intimate you of an incoming phone call, which can be received by pressing a button.

The HiSmart Bag and its Wide Range of Utilities

The product was showcased at the CES 2015 and is expected to be sold at $299 with a better feature set. Other than answering the phone, one would be able to operate music controls. If the bag gets too far from the smartphone, it will buzz to intimate you. You can even drop a pin on Google Maps by pressing a button, leaving a mark on the position of your car.

Trackers are common with most new accessories but the HiSmart Bag is actually quite useful with its 17 convenient pockets and with a few flips, you can convert a long-strapped bag to a short-strapped backpack. The embedded electronics are quite low-key and many might not notice the extra features from a distance.

Lepow, the maker of the innovative bag is planning to make the bag modular and upgradable. The music controller and headphone jack is expected to be removable in the latest design, so that users can install a new unit in the future or just take the strap padding off for other purposes. A wireless bag is also an idea that the makers are expected to run with in the near future.

The Feature-Rich Customizable Bag Attracts Big Time

Lepow unveiled the HiSmart Pack in Las Vegas and since then, the convertible messenger-backpack has managed to attract analysts and tech aficionados alike as it marries form, function, and technology in one simple and austere bag.

  • It can easily house keys, wallet, smartphone, and laptop but with its integrated Global Positioning System tracking feature, a smart button for reading text and call notifications, handy music playback controls, and easy volume control, one can actually control the smartphone for basic uses with the smart bag.
  • This high-tech, convertible, eco-friendly bag is expected to make inroads into wearable technology and expand its horizons with its eco-fashion and sustainable fashion design.
  • The waterproof canvas with Italian leather, and German hardware is making waves among the public and orders have been thick and fast from all quarters. The crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo has helped the funding of its manufacturing.

With the HiSmart bag, the concept of the carryall will be changing, according to the makers. With phones and other gadgets going hi-tech, bag design is now in focus. With a new wearable creating a first to change a ‘pure-fashion’ object into a tech geek dream, many more inventions are bound to flow in this category.