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HEXA: A terrifying, Yet Useful Six-legged Robot


A robot is not just a device that is meant to roll through life on its two front wheels. In order for a robot to be truly useful, it should be highly usable. Also, it should be able to perform various functions that are different. A robot should be able to perform functions like crawling, climbing platforms and traverse new territory. A robot has to be open and easily workable on. Basically, it should be smart and sensing in bold situations.

The World Full of Robots.

The world full of robots where they support in our daily lives is a common fantasy of us humans. But that is expecting too much because let’s face it, there is a long way to go before this fantasy becomes a reality. Developing or creating robots is either too expensive and complex or too simplistic. Often, developers have very limited access to information and resources. Such points have kept scientists and developers at a distance from the robot development.

About HEXA.

HEXA is a six-legged, agile, highly adaptable robot that is more robust than you can imagine. HEXA offers you with the classic and perfect hardware platform which allows you to learn and explore robotics. With this, you can begin designing and producing the robot functionality that you have always visualized. It looks like a bug and moves with great confidence. And it just might bring robot hacking to the masses.

Optical and Spatial Sensors.

HEXA comes with optical and spatial sensors. These sensors allow it to watch and learn from the world around it. The sensors enable you to bring fascinating and smart functionality. These sensors include a 720p camera with night vision; 3-axis accelerometer; distance measuring sensor; infrared transmitter and more.

About MIND.

MIND is an operating system that’s based on Linux kernel, built and optimized for robotics. With MIND, you can imagine and generate motions and applications that can, in turn, let conduct your robotic ideas in real life. With MIND, HEXA allows network communication in all directions between humans, robots and other IoT devices. The possibilities are endless. HEXA is mischievous, determined and quirky. It has a real “can do” attitude and can’t wait to get going.

With MIND, you are not required to know the unrevealed equipment and complex working. This only means that developers will be free to focus on creating applications that allow them to bring ideas to life.

MIND is based on the Linux kernel. It is specifically optimized for robots. It combines different libraries and drivers. This is done so you can easily control the robotic working. You get to select how you want to develop and build when there is MIND involved. All Vincross robots are equipped with MIND. This includes HEXA, as well.

Human aspects.

MIND brings in a human voice, movement, and gesture to HEXA. It also makes HEXA seamlessly compatible with smartphones, computers, and routers. MIND creates a light environment and includes temperature and gravity. Also, it is a cloud-connected device, which has an app, website, and a server.


These human inputs, in turn, bring out some really good outputs. MIND makes the robot do functions like walk, interact, grab, act and automate. It helps the robot control home appliances like TV, AC, and lights. The output is that it also works as a computing device, so it sends information, data, and notifications. MIND helps bring IoT components to the robot like displaying images, driving the motor, and playing music.

Back it up on Kickstarter.

The Beijing-based Vincross has launched a Kickstarter campaign. They have a modest target of reaching $100,000. HEXA is said to be retailed at $549.