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Change the way you hear with Here Active Listening System

Here Active Listening System

Doppler Labs recently unveiled their second audio product named as Here Active Listening System which are two independent ear buds that give you complete audio control over the environment. One can reduce the volume of a crying baby besides you or even lower the irritating sound of a screeching subway train, the Here buds can control the sounds for you. What’s more, it can pump up the bass at the concert at your will too.

The project started off at Kickstarter with a $250K goal, and quickly crossed the goal within 48 hours. Founder Noah Kraft mentioned about live listening experiences and their control and how one can enhance senses and personalize every listening experience easily.

The Technology Within

The technology within Here is different from the others since it uses a plethora of signal processing algorithms to target specific frequency ranges and then modifies them before entering the ears. The bud has the ability to capture incoming sound waves, process the raw audio and play back without perceivable latency as desired.

Here is not supposed to replace headphones, headsets, or earbuds and is designed to experience live listening environments and have one’s own control. It can be used for targeted use in live scenarios where sounds can be curated in real-time. These buds engage with real world sound.

Create your own World!

The Here Active Listening System is optimized for live music and is the first product of its kind. This is a wearable that is both functional and elegant and includes optimum battery power and efficiency while also being discreet in its form factor especially in a social place.

The simple shape of the Here buds obfuscates the complexity of its components within. The inner shape of the bud was tested and evaluated by the makers multiple times for maximum comfort and performance. The device is testimony to the limits of low-power signal processing and even audio computing. A low power ARM processor is used for effects and equalizer calculations and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio is used for connecting with the smart phone. One can tailor their sound experience in any acoustic environment too.

Doppler Labs – Reinventing the Audio Experience

The Here Active Listening System is the first step from Doppler Labs in pursuing the vision to deliver the best sound quality at shows, eliminate unwanted noise, and aid in sleepless overnight flights. The makers are keen to push this product for future innovation and discover what new they can invent in the speaker, microphone, and computer to transform the fundamentals of human communication.

By enabling the source to be your environment, Here Active Listening System picks up the sound around and changed via presets programmed for different environments or users can simply set the sound settings manually. The adjustments and settings allow users to drown certain or boost them as they prefer. Hans Zimmer, the legendary film composer behind the Nolan movies and the Lion King has provided his inputs in the system too!

Here Active Listening System Pricing

The whole project is bound to arouse curiosity of many and it seems that many will find a lot of potential for different scenarios and uses. The device comes with a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can keep the device working for six hours on a single charge, along with a compact carrying case and multiple silicone ear tips. The planned retail price for Here is $249 when it will be available to the public in 2016.