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GoPro Omni – The Synchronized Six-Camera Array will soon Redefine Virtual Reality!

Synchronized Six-Camera

VR creators are always looking for companies who can push their hardware offerings to new heights. Facebook recently revealed a VR cam prototype that they are going to back soon.

Now GoPro is the latest company to join the group. GoPro is launching a VR cam called the GoPro Omni which will include a synchronized six-camera array that will stamp its authority in the VR world. GoPro is also bringing a VR sharing platform that will include all VR videos from the Omni.

The Six Star VR Cam

GoPro announced that it was working on a combined camera that will take spherical shots all at once. The CEO mentioned that with the launch of the Oculus, the company was right away interested in getting a spherical setup ready to generate outstanding content for virtual reality and augmented reality systems.

  • GoPro Omni will include six HERO4 Black cameras that will be set in an array in the shape of a rounded cube.
  • Each of the cameras is paired with the other with the help of pixel-level synchronization. The array of cameras can deliver a standard 4K capture but there is an over capture feature too that can get you 8K shots.
  • A new VR video hosting platform will be live with the VR camera named the GoPro VR, where users can access and upload lots of VR content for free online. The platform will also have its relevant free smartphone app versions.
  • GoPro Odyssey, the 16-camera jumbo device which was announced in 2015 will also make a splash at $15,000 being the company’s biggest VR capturing device.

The GoPro Approach to VR

Woodman, the CEO of GoPro also mentioned that he has the software in ‘alpha’ stage right now that will allow users to auto-sync GoPro cameras to the cloud. The cloud upload would allow people to view and edit content without having to store the same physically on any device. GoPro also plans to launch a quadcopter drone for aerial photography with the help of their revolutionary GoPro cameras.

GoPro is trying to make inroads in photography and video through quadcopters and drones too but using their latest cameras that are a standard in action shoots. GoPro cameras are being used for shooting extreme sports to candid shoots of weddings.

VR Ambitions from GoPro

GoPro is embracing virtual reality content to secure its spot in the video and extreme sports market. The company acquired Kolor, a company which builds software for VR and spherical video. With this strategy, the company is geared to capture, create and share spherical content in the near future at all stages.

GoPro and its set of rugged cameras are perfect for shooting videos of skydiving and motocross. With terrific thinness and technical superiority above the rest of the market GoPro, with its durable units, are perfect for extreme shoots for personal and commercial reasons.

Availability of GoPro Omni

The Synchronized Six-Camera Array will be available soon and the company is pitching the same to production companies and prosumers. GoPro envisions the right set of VR cameras specifically for VR viewers like Oculus, HoloLens, and the like.

GoPro Omni, the camera array that is set to redefine the world of VR for the better with its spherical shots and incredible angular footage will soon make its debut during National Association of Broadcasters event and is supposedly priced at a staggering $4,999. The price is sure to detract the casual buyers from making a bid for it although prosumers and professionals would love to generate content using the incredible array of synchronized GoPro cameras.