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Google Project Fi – The Virtual Wireless Giant in the Making

Project Fi

It’s official. Google has started its own wireless business! The much talked about Google Project Fi has come as a blessing at a time when speed and reliability in connectivity is almost as important as nature. Aiming at a fast and easy wireless solution, Project Fi worked in close partnership with leading carriers and hardware makers to push boundaries and make available new ways for people to connect and communicate.

Just like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile, Project Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offering users its very own wireless service. However, users are offered pay-as-you-go data, no two year contract, network swapping, international roaming and several other intriguing features.

Understanding the fact that wireless connectivity keep pace, be fast everywhere, is easy to use and of course, be accessible to everyone, is a prominent sign that Google wants to offer a better service than its competitors. And with its Project Fi, Google will prove itself the best yet again.

Google Project Fi – The Smart Features

Swaps networks for highest quality connectivity

Project Fi relies on a combination of T-Mobile, Sprint and Wi-Fi and aims at putting you on the best network no matter where you are or where you go. It’s a new technology that gives you better coverage by smartly connecting you to the speediest available network at the location you are in. Also, it connects you to free, open networks that don’t require action to get connected. Once connected, Google helps to secure your data through encryption and if you leave a Wi-Fi coverage, you are seamlessly moved to any one of the partner networks which is delivering a speedier connectivity. Therefore, whether you are at home, or a coffee shop or even your tree house, you are connected and communicating normally.

Phone numbers adapted to a multi-screen world

Another amazing feature of the Project Fi is that it saves your number in the cloud! So the next time you lose your phone or have forgotten it at the office, remember you can use your number to text and talk on any phone, tablet or laptop. It’s as simple as staying connected, but using another screen.

Pricing: Pay only for the data you consume

One of the best things about Project Fi is its pricing which is likely to shake up the wireless market. Apparently, Google’s MVNO will only charge users for the data that they use. No matter what data plan you have signed in for, you pay only for what you’ve used and not what you’ve subscribed for. If you don’t use all the data, Google will credit some cash right back to you for rollover data next payment period. Whereas if you exceed the data plan’s allotment, you’ll be charged a flat rate for the additional data used. And yes, for no extra fees either.

Only the Nexus 6 is compatible with Project Fi

If you wish to be a part of Project Fi, it’s absolutely necessary to have a Nexus 6. Google has made Project Fi available first on this particular handset because it say that the Nexus 6 supports a vast number of domestic and international LTE bands. However, in case you don’t own one and really want to benefit from Project Fi, then Google is offering an interest free, 24-month payment plan starting at $27.04 per month for the 32GB option and $29.12 per month for the 64GB option. Run and get one for yourself.

An invite from Google to sign up for Project Fi

As of now, only an invite from Google will enable you to sing up for the service. Check the coverage map. Sign up from the official website. And if you are selected, you will receive a mail with a special multi-network SIM card. Of course, you do have the option to terminate this service at no charge.