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Google to launch Wireless Network ‘Nova’ in 2015

Nova wireless network

The Big Daddy of Technology, Google has decided to enter the world of wireless communication. There is nothing that Google has not accomplished in the field of technology. As there are thousands of products patented and it owns the search engine, Android which is the most used mobile operating system for smartphones, owns the ad market, high end Nexus smartphones whereas $100 smartphone partnerships with companies like Micromax and Spice. It is apt for Google to enter this market because then it will move deeper into users’ lives with even the mobile data provided by the company.

When and why will Google launch the Wireless Network?

There is no official word from Google authorities as to when Google will be launching their own wireless network, but it might be anytime soon. Google has already bought rights to use TMobile’s network, just like Vodafone does with BSNL network in India and is successful too. There have been many predictions by technologists that traditional mobile carriers better get their act straight as they are about to get tougher competitions from non-traditional mobile carriers and we think the time has arrived. Google could soon be seen providing calls and data packages on their cellular network.

What’s in it for Google?

The better question would be how users can benefit from Google’s wireless network? Users sure do have many advantages like one more fierce competitor in the name of Google would prompt other competitors to provide cheaper call and data rates along with better customised plans for individuals. Without knowing about the complete details and pricing of plans and position ,it would be too soon to comment about the possible success of failure of the plan but it would definitely be something to wait for. There are questions raised too whether Google should play it safe and do what they are doing well instead of entering unknown territories.

What is Google ‘Nova’?

Does Nova ring a bell? Doesn’t matter it will, once Google launches their wireless network Codenamed ‘Nova’. Key figures from Google, Sprint and T-Mobile and Verizon have declined to comment on Google’s unofficial decision to enter wireless network. There is nothing out yet from Google, which hints at how Google plans to launch ‘Nova’ or whatever it is called. Google Fiber already provides Internet and cable TV in many parts of the United States like Austin, Texas, Kansas city etc. So, entering Wireless Network would be beneficial as well as testing for Google. The advantage that Google has is the wide user base it has on its hands.

The problem that Google has is that they will have to set up operation centres to handle customer service, billing, inquiry etc. something that Google does not have prior experience. But as they say, there is always a first time and Google does not like to make mistakes often and the users would definitely have high expectations from Google as they have Google in their lives whether they want it or not.

We are rooting for Google to venture into newer horizons and emerge victorious as it will do anything for gaining the user base and that means that call and data charges would be slashed down in fierce competition and that is a win-win situation for both Google and its users.