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GLAS: A Thermostat That Reimagines How Spaces Are Perceived And Controlled


Johnson Controls is a company known for developing space management services. It manages buildings’ ventilation and fire detection systems. This is the company that revealed a smart thermostat that comes with Cortana built in. It is called GLAS. GLAS is an innovative thermostat that kind of reimagines how spaces are understood and controlled. Johnson Controls has paired up with Microsoft technology is building this device. GLAS is a simple to use thermostat that brings leading energy savings and air quality monitoring to everyday spaces.

Uses Microsoft’s Voice Assistant.

GLAS can detect whether you are in the room. It then tells you what the air quality is. It also comes with a touchscreen display. This display allows you to check the temperature, air quality, energy usage, and even calendar information. The main difference here is, that you will be able to interact with it using Microsoft’s voice assistant.

Translucent Touchscreen Display.

GLAS is said to have an aluminum edge. This edge helps it to attach the thermostat to a wall. It also has a translucent touchscreen display. This display will let users tap and swipe through different temperature and control settings. The video mentioned that GLAS will monitor indoor and outdoor air temperature. It will also be knowledgeable of when a user is in the room or away from home. By doing that it would save them money on their energy bills.

Windows 10 iOT Core.

The very first electric room thermostat was also built by Johnson Controls. Glas will depend upon Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core operating system. It will be one of the very first thermostats to feature a Cortana integration. But GLAS isn’t the only smart home appliance that will soon praise Microsoft’s AI assistant. Microsoft recently announced plans to bring Cortana to a host of devices. The list of devices include refrigerators, toasters, and more.

Reinvent Your life.

Roughly 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home is consumed by heating and cooling. This makes it the largest energy expense for most families. The cost is approximately 40% in the commercial building sector. Johnson Controls is one of the leading providers of HVAC, Fire and Security systems in the world. The company is changing how spaces are understood and controlled. As the inventors of the first thermostat, Johnson Controls has innovated once again with GLAS. It utilizes Windows 10 IoT Core, Cortana voice services, and Azure Cloud. GLAS is an elegant thermostat and is easy to use. The device brings leading energy savings and air quality monitoring to everyday spaces. Johnson Controls is ready to reinvent the thermostat and your life.

Keeps You Up To Date.

According to the promotional video, the thermostat will be able to keep you up to date with calendar notifications, energy usage, and air quality. It will determine whether or not you are in the room and make adjustments accordingly. Much like the Nest, the GLAS thermostat wants to be able to save you energy. It wants to do this by proactively changing its settings based on its environment.

Cortana In Other Devices.

The upcoming Johnson Controls GLAS thermostat is one of the newest devices using Microsoft’s Cortana Devices SDK. This enables third-party hardware manufacturers to bake in the voice-activated AI to new devices. Last year, the company made an announcement regarding it opening up Cortana to new hardware makers. Confirming it wanted to see Cortana placed within fridges, toasters, thermostats, and other Internet of Things devices.