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Garmin Vivoactive : The Smartest Of All The SmartWatches Around

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin has added some new products to their lineup but we are truly excited about the Vivoactive, a watch for work as well as workouts. On a personal level, I do believe that a smart watch has to have the features of a fitness tracker and vice versa. Garmin’s Vivoactive has the potential to appeal the masses and cater to them, looking at their promising past we can assume that the Vivoactive too, would be a smart watch to look out for.

Garmin Vivoactive

If we look at the past products from Garmin, Vivoactive is their first true smart watch though this smart watch will appeal to all the fitness freaks and athletes out there looking to make the most out of a single product. The Vivoactive is equipped with GPS, sounds quite obvious? It is, but fitness trackers/smart watches do not have GPS. The 50m waterproofing is not heard of on those expensive smart watches. Apple Watch guys? Garmin wants you to swim with this watch and it even includes swim tracking, the backbone of Garmin Swim and other multi-sports devices from Garmin.

Features of Garmin Vivoactive:

The best part about the Vivoactive is its use as a smart watch, activity tracker and fitness tracker and the results are wonderful in all three departments. The Vivoactive has a touch screen as well as a physical button on each side of the watch and two touch sensitivee areas below the touch screen for better support. Garmin makes the best fitness tracking devices and this is strong point in Vivoactive too. It can support three sports effectively- swimming, running and cycling. While playing the sport, it will track speed of the user, time and heart rate of the user etc.

Workout Mode activated:

Swimming – The Vivoactive will record swim metrics like laps, time, and lengths, as well as show you your current pace just like Garmin’s other pool swim tracking watches. You can upload the swim metrics and workout details directly to your  dedicated fitness sites with the help of Bluetooth.

Cycling – The internal GPR of the Garmin Vivoactive will be used to capture speed and data, that is displayed to your data pages. These data pages are customisable and you can keep only those data pages that you want.

Running – Garmin Vivoactive is great for running too if you are headed outside, it will use the same GPS chips to track your vital data. There are options like AutoPause and AutoLap with this smart watch so that your workout sessions are enhanced and you don’t need to update your fitness tracker every now and then, only focus on quality workout.

In addition to all these wonderful functions, you can use the Garmin Vivoactive to track your smartphone too. You can use it to find where you last kept your smartphone instead of panicking and stressing too much to find it.

All in all, Garmin Vivoactive gets a big thumbs up from our team and we look forward to ordering this beautiful piece of technology. You can get your Garmin Vivoactive and share your experience with us.