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FurniQi Wireless Charging Table – Charging Made Easy

FurniQi Wireless Charging Table

Smartphones have invaded our lives. With people spending a large amount of time on their smartphones, playing games, using apps, surfing the net and shopping online, the problem of battery usage has been plaguing everyone. While smartphones have really become smart, by incorporating the latest and most innovative technology, the smarter the phone, the more battery it uses, resulting in shut downs.

A Wireless Charging Table

While power banks and wireless charging mechanisms have been around for a while, imagine if you could just place your smartphone on a piece of furniture for charging purposes, with no wires and no hassles? Well with the FurniQi range of furniture, this is going to soon be a reality. Designed by Fonesalesman, FurniQi is the latest product in its wireless charging catalogue that integrates Qi wireless charging technology into furniture. FurniQi is the first bamboo side table to be launched in the FurniQi product range.

Fonesalesman – The Company behind FurniQi

London based electronic product manufacturing company Fonesalesman is well-known for its innovative range of wireless chargers and receivers. Fonesalesman’s products are specifically designed, keeping in mind the charging needs of customers. Their wireless chargers and receivers make charging effortless and easy, crafted to make daily life convenient. While it has enjoyed success with its previous products, with the FurniQi, Fonesalesman is now looking to follow Ikea’s footsteps.

Works on Qi Charging

Qi charging is rapidly becoming a buzzword in the technology industry. Today, a growing number of phones come with an inbuilt Qi charging feature; such phones only require a Qi charging pad in order to charge themselves. The FurniQi also works on the same principle. It acts as a charging pad for phones which are Qi enabled, including Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S5, Note 4 and Google Nexus 4-7.

FurniQi Features

  • The FurniQi table is made from good quality bamboo and is carefully crafted to look simple yet elegant, and fits perfectly in a home or office environment.
  • Each FurniQi table consists of a wood top table, 2 interlocking wooden legs, four bolts and a key to fix everything together. Assembling the FurniQi at home just takes a couple of minutes.
  • The cuts in the wood are shallow in order to reduce the collection of dust and grime.
  • The FurniQi side table has an etched circular zone on the table face that has the capability to charge Qi-enabled smartphones through induction charging.
  • The charging cable runs down through the legs of the table, and has to be connected to a power source.
  • However, the wires are almost the same colour as the wood, thus making the table look elegant and wire-free.
  • Users can also clip the wire to one of the table’s legs with a set of clips, for a cleaner cable routing.

Launching in October 2015

The FurniQi table is expected to be launched in October 2015. The first prototype of the FurniQi was launched recently at the IFA, and Fonesalesman is currently looking for a crowdfunding through a campaign. While the prototype has been built with 2 Qi-enabled pads, the consumer range might include just one. However, there is no word on its pricing yet though there are rumours that Fonesalesman might keep pace with Ikea’s competitive pricing of similar products.

Ending Note

Being easy-to-assemble and with an elegant, simple design, the FurniQi is a great product for home and office use. By simply placing your mobile phone on the Qi-enabled circular zone, you can instantly drop your phones on the table and pick them up when you’re ready to go. The FurniQi table makes charging your smartphones more convenient than ever.