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Funxim: The Beautiful Wireless Charging Mat for Your iPhone and Apple Watch


Wireless charging is the trend of the day and most of the latest flagship smartphones are equipped with this. But all iPhones still do not comes packed with wireless charger but all of them invariably supports wireless charging. While there are plenty of such wireless charging dockets available in the market, most of them can charge just your iPhone and if you have a Apple Watch in your possession you need to charge them separately. Thanks to Funxim, a wireless charging mat you can now charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch by just placing them flat on the mat.

Funxim, The New Way To Charge iPhone and More

Funxism is designed particularly keeping the latest range of iPhones and Apple Watch in mind and is capable to charge your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, and new Apple Watch faster than most other wireless charging docks available presently in the market. This is a Qi standard wireless charger capable to deliver more than 80% charging conversion helping fast paced charging of all Apple devices. Though it is designed more with typical attributes of Apple products, it can charge Android devices as well.

It is a magnetic charging pad that makes the charging process simple by just allowing you to place the iPhone and Apple Watch on the wireless mat to charge them. With a mat like a shape, it is aesthetically beautiful with a portable built to slip inside your luggage easily. It can just be placed anywhere and on any flat surface. You must be feeling curious whether it is better than the Apple’s own wireless charging pad which is about to come anytime soon. Honestly speaking, Apple’s own wireless charger AirPower is more flexible as you can place your iPhone and Apple Watch just anywhere on it while Funxim requires you to place the Apple Watch on a particular place of the mat.

But when it comes to efficiency and doing what it is meant for, the new Funxim just looks appropriate. Without any cable, USB or ports it can charge your iPhones and Apple Watch. Moreover, it can charge your iPhone even while the device is the protective case. This helps you dodging the trouble of keeping the iPhone in and out of the protective cover for the sale of charging.

What Makes It Stand Out?

While there are plenty of wireless chargers in the market, Funxim stands out from the rest for many reasons. First of all, it is extremely lightweight and weighs just a little over five ounces. When it comes to power front, it is loaded with 10 watts of energy which is quite impressive compared to many similar wireless chargers that provide at best 7.5 watts. Until the powerful and Apple’s own AirPower comes to the market, it seems to be the best wireless charging option available in the market.

Just think of a wireless charger packed with 10 watts of power, highly power efficient output with 80% conversion rate and a superb low footprint minimalist design, all packed with a fairly affordable price tag of only $29. Can you find a better bargain than this? This is why it seems so appealing and irresistible a charging solution for iPhone and Apple Watch users. Especially if you use multiple Apple devices including several iPhones or Apple Watch, it seems to be the irresistible choice as a charging solution.

It Is Also Very Affordable

Even if it’s awesomely simple wireless charging capabilities don’t look impressive enough to make your mind, the easily affordable price tag of $29 for the early birds is really a winner. It is presently on the verge of completing a successful Kickstarter campaign and is available for early bird supporters for just $29. For the early supporters of the campaign, the product will be shipped from January, next year. For the backers of the campaign, a pair of Funxim is available for just $49 which made it even more cheaper. When available in the market from next year, a single charger is expected to cost around $79.

Final Verdict

It is aesthetically superb with a beautiful design that just makes an ideal accessory for iPhone and Apple Watch charging. Until the much hyped and awaited AirPower wireless charger from Apple arrives in the market, Funxim seems to be the most efficient and beautiful wireless charging solution for iPhone and Apple Watch users. It looks more lucrative thanks to affordable early bird price for the backers of the Kickstarter campaign.